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  • Rolf Dobelli "getAbstract" - A classic guide for job seekers and career changersToday's job market is harsh and cold-blooded. Indeed, nothing guarantees that the job you have now will be available tomorrow. Your job (and you) may be downsized or outsourced. Plus, many people must now accommodate themselves to the status of part-time workers, even those with jobs that used to be full-time, salaried positions. Competition is fierce for good - and even mediocre - jobs. How do you manage to stay employed in such a cutthroat environment? Since the early '70s, people looking for employment or career change have turned to this bestseller by Richard Nelson Bolles. This updated classic is filled useful information. One caveat: Bolles notes that his statistical results are a "mashup of research and hunches," so take them as indicative, but perhaps not as scientific. And if not every suggestion is a gem, he still gives you plenty of options. Those who also appreciate a spiritual message amid the practicalities will find that as well, so if that isn't your cup of tea, consider yourself warned. We recommend this guide to anyone who needs to find a good job, or who wants - or needs - to make a career change.
  • WonderWoman "Catmom" - If you want the REAL 'dope' on drugs...After Google started, I got rid of my old PDR and trusted that I could find whatever I needed online. NOT true, at least not completely - I have serious allergic reactions to lots of things and drugs, and so often I would look up the drug, get the manufacturer's website or something similar, and the list of adverse reactions would be shortened and end with '....other reactions may occur that you should report to ....", or something along that order. I finally got disgusted and ordered this book - it's pricey, it's large, and it is COMPLETE. Maybe not for drugs that are not yet on the market, but for most of what is being prescribed now, you can't go wrong. It is written for doctors, so you have to be willing to look up some definitions sometimes, but for adverse reactions/side effects/uses of drugs, you can't beat it. I won't be without one again.