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  • billw214 - Excellent MovieI don't know why these people are downing this movie, I thought it was an excellent movie, if you like The Day After Tomorrow, you should love this movie. Yea The Day After Tomorrow was better, but 2012 Ice Age was also a great movie, see to enjoy this movie you have to like movies with a lot of snow and action, plus destruction. I thought the acting was very good, but even if people didn't like the acting it's the destruction and the detail that make the movie, now I'm very picky about my movies, just like the movie Storm Of The Century, the 4 hour movie, when I first rented it I watched a half an hour of it and turned it off cause I thought it so stupid, but a couple years later I rented it again and I had an open mind about it and I couldn't keep my eyes off of it because it kepted me in suspense, I didn't give it a chance at first and now Storm Of The Century is my favorite movie, what I'm trying to say is have an open mind especially if your a fan of snow blizzard movies with destruction and give it a chance, cause I read all these awful reviews about this movie 2012 Ice Age and I watched it anyway and I loved every bit of the movie.
  • john tuomi - Not just for PMSJust thought I'd put in my two cents here. I routinely carry this product in my desk, on my nightstand and in my car. Believe it or not, this pill helps mitigate migraines. I have taken and given these to many co-workers, both male and female when they've had migraines with excellent success. Of course, I've had to hide the bottle from the males the first time they take it ( I guess they're afraid they'll start spotting or something). Once their headaches/migraines are gone, I usually tell them what they took.