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  • Suetonius Paullinus "Paul, Music Critic" - It's a Dog eat Dog world out there...Most people overlook this album, though I have no idea why; it certainly can't be due to any deficiencies in the album itself. Perhaps because it just wasn't 'as brilliant' as the albums that preceded and followed it (i.e. Dark Side, Wish You Were Here, and the Wall).

    Any fan of Pink Floyd should buy this album, it's delightfully cynical and Waters' social conscience is well represented in the lyrics. As you might expect from the album before the wall (well known as roger waters' baby), animals was recorded when rifts were starting to appear in the band. While this didn't effect the quality of the music, the credits reveal all songs are by waters, except Dogs, which is Waters and Gilmour.

    The quality of music is really outstanding; I personally think Dogs is the best single song Pink Floyd ever did (perhaps Shine on or Echoes could be better...) it's about 20 minutes of epic music, with both Gilmour and Waters doing vocals. There's lots of wonderful guitar work (it's in D tuning for any guitarists out there)

    But the album as a whole is breathtaking; Pigs (three different ones) is perhaps the most cynical; Waters' criticism of various public figures from late 70's England is very funny (Mary Whitehouse, Margaret Thatcher etc)

    All in all, if you like Pink Floyd and appreciate their music as symphonic, you can't look past this album. BUY IT
  • Virginia Hale - Great energy!I researched before I purchased this. This product doesnt have any fillers, etc. It gives you energy. I've only lost 3 pounds so far, but I feel really good. I did try another product recommended by the salesman at GNC and it didn't do anything. It even made me feel worse. I'm on depression medications and have hypoglycemia, so I have to be careful. Just ordered my second bottle.