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  • BigMac - A Fascinating Book!This is a well written, well annotated book by a Pulitzer winner. It is also a book that pulls no journalistic punches. My hat is off to Hersh & the publisher for having the cojones to write/print such candid material about so popular an historical figure. Of course, JFK's untimely death was tragic. That said, in order to gain informed insight, one must sometimes go beyond even the most tragic of events and/or popular legend in making that effort. "The Dark Side of Camelot" certainly accomplishes that.
  • Joseph T. Jandrokovic - Nothing Better, For NowShipped fast. I have bought many electronic gadgets and must say this is one of the best and most versatile. It handles PDFs nicely. The only thing I don't like about this tablet (as well as all others) is the LCD screen, which I hope changes in the future.
  • Al Binford - GAME CHANGE 2012 "MUST READ" FOR SERIOUS VOTERSCaptures the behind-the-scenes events and incidents that the everyday reader (and voter) does not have access to. Loved the first Game Change and the HBO version of the Sarah Palin adventure. Game Change 2012 is a "must read" for serious political junkies and I have recommended it to several friends for that reason. Looking forward to Game Change III.
  • Sameer NY "Sameer" - Predefined settings optimized for every sound coming out of your tv and devices connected to the tvBose Solo has predefined settings optimized for every sound coming out of your tv.
    I have my tv connected to my computer (via airparrot 10$), apple tv and roku; so every sound coming from these devices (including itunes songs) is output from Bose.
    Quality of dialogues and sound effects has improved by 50%.
    I bought it for 400$, but todays 360$ makes it a good buy.