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  • Katharine Karstens - Great product!!!WOW! I had a mole on my arm for years. It drove me crazy. I didnt want to go to a doctor to have it surgically removed, so I tried this product and my mole is gone!!! Thank you Dermatend! I used it like the instructions said, but I did leave it on overnight, 3/4 of the mole came off, then I reapplied to the little bit of the mole that was left and that was gone a few days later. Took about a week for the whole process!!! So happy!
  • Jack - A must buy for residentsThis is one of two handbooks that is considered a must buy for interns and residents. I had this in my pocket during all my residency, since there are new drugs all the time. This handbook is small, easy to put in your white coat pocket, and has everything you need to know on the spot regarding antibiotics and sensitivities. Have a patient with a UTI who is Sulfa allergic? This handbook will tell you what to prescribe. A great buy at a great price.
    I also highly recommend that new interns and residents pick up Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia 2012 Classic Shirt-Pocket Edition. This is probably the booklet that I used the most as a resident, and still often refer to it as a practicing doctor today. There are new medications every day, and this book helps you keep track of them.
  • Kelley Ramsey - Cleaned the Catalytic Coverter!Went to Auto Zone and asked if they carried Cataclean and the clerk told me there was no such thing that would clean a Catalytic Coverter...well...I am going back to the store to prove to this man (who by the way was very dismissive of me) there is such a thing and it does indeed work very well!
    My 10 year old Monte Carlo SS is working very well...Thanks!
  • Kathy - Elizabeth Smart--the story behind the headlinesLike most people, I knew who Elizabeth Smart was, and was astounded to hear that she had been found alive. Her story answers the perplexing question of how and why her kidnappers had been able to hold her for so long without her attempting to escape.
    But more than satisfying public curiosity, Elizabeth's story reveals the strength and the faith of her spirit. She realizes how blessed she is to be part of a strong, loving and functional family. Sharing the horrible nine months she endured with two self-involved misogynists is an incredibly generous gift to all the other innocent child victims out there. It brings hope and teaches them how to not only survive, but triumph over the monsters who victimized them.
  • Lonnie N. Smith - Wonderful gameI loved this game, and for the most part thought it was a GREAT followup to part 2.

    The storytelling is wonderful (as usual, Blizzard), the graphics are exquisite. The gameplay is smooth and intuitive. The side plots are often hilarious and interesting. The tag along characters really provide a lot of richness as well. The multiplayer is of course a blast as well.

    The only thing that bothers me is that they built it short in order to make you play it over again several times to get to the "insane" level or whatever you call it.I finished 2 playthroughs (instead of 4) and couldn't bring myself to go through the story yet once again, and I walked away. I think the majority of players feel this way as well. I know there is a small contingent who LOVE to repeat it in increasingly difficult levels, but that wasn't me.

    If you like Dungeon Crawlers, Blizzard or being a witch doctor. Get this game.