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  • Rob_in_NH - Very handy for fantasy baseballI was dragged into fantasy baseball last year and had a total blast playing. I know there are tons of things about players out there, but this book was useful to look up players as the year went on. I really enjoyed the descriptions of the players which was handy for a baseball rookie like me. As for the stats I am not totally sure, but I think they were generally accurate.

    So I now have the 2011 edition on my desk. I am sure it will become as dog eared as my 2010 version because this is now a baseball must have for me. Last year I came in 2nd in a 12 team 5x5 league. That of course had a lot to do with luck and catching lightning in a bottle. This year we are doing a 6x6 league....

    BTW you can get as crazy with the math if you like with this book...
  • DKSHAD - The PlanThis book about healthy eating makes more sense than anything I've read and I've read many books on the subject and been on every diet out there. This helps you find out EXACTLY what makes YOU gain weight, not anyone else, YOU. It helped me discover many foods I am allergic to Nd "reactive" to. Lyn-Genet knows what she's talking about. I lost 5 ls the first 3 days and 9 by the end of the 20 day plan. My husband lost 8 lbs on 20 days. I might add this the first time I've ever lost more than him in the same amount of time. I think he wasn't drinking enough water-- a must! We are continuing logging what we eat and trying new foods but surrounding them with our "friendly" foods, weighing everyday and if we're up one morning, we just look back at what we ate, if we had enough water? Ate too late and have a friendly day that day. Then it's back to testing something new. Love, love , love the book and many thanks to Lyn-Genet for teaching us to finally really eat healthy and lose some weight. My husband has diabetes and in just 3 weeks, he has normal blood sugar readings!! He needs to check with his doctor about adjusting his meds.
  • Timothy D. SHELFER "TDS" - Everything you should expect at this priceI already use 2 other GPSs - a Garmin 76CSX for hiking/backpacking, and an aging Nuvi 265WT in the car. I bought the Nuvi 755T specifically for use on a motorcycle. Garmin builds a REAL motorcycle GPS - the Zumo - but they're darned pricy. The 755T gives me plenty enough of what I need for a lot less money.

    Like all the Nuvis, this one is intuitive and easy to use. Need to get somewhere? Punch in a destination and the 755T will pick a good route and get you there without a lot of drama. Comparing notes with people using other brands, particularly Tom Tom, my impression is the Nuvis do a better job picking better real-world routes.

    But what about custom routing? Part of motorcycling is the fun of laying out a circuitous route along country roads, and ending up at some obscure destination. Many older Garmins don't do custom routing at all. Not so the 755T. It's pretty easy to punch in a start and finish, then add any number of waypoints to create the route of choice. Or given the right software (I have MapSource), create a route on your PC and load it to the 755T. It works. Really. One idiosyncrasy I've found is that, while the purple guideline shows exactly where you want to go, the Nuvi will often speak contradictory instructions, trying to give you a more direct route. Oh well. Overall, routing is pretty good. And the 755T will store 10 routes and 1,000 waypoints, enough that you can pre-program for a long and interesting trip.

    What really seduced me to the 755T instead of the newer 1450 is the built-in MP3 player. Your favorite tunes are loaded via an SD card. The player lacks EQing, but the preset tone is pretty good. It also lacks random tune selection - you have your choice of listening to an album, to a preset playlist, or to hearing all your tunes in alphabetical order. But those are small complaints. What's more important is that (1) it sounds good, and (2) it's loud enough to hear over motor and wind noise at 75mph, using a modest set of Sony sports headphones under my Shoei helmet (always wear a helmet - ATGATT, folks). I have an MP3 player, but on long trips, this means one less gadget to plug into the lighter socket.

    Another nice feature is the mounting system. It's a little hard to describe, so I won't. Suffice it to say that the 755T pops on & off its mount (in my case a handlebar mount) without having to unplug and replug the power wire each time. That may not be a biggie for car users. But for us riders, who have to remove the GPS at every single stop, that's pretty important.

    There are, of course, drawbacks to using a car GPS for a bike. Here are a couple:
    - It's not waterproof. Although, that can be fixed with a 5-cent sandwich baggie.
    - The screen buttons, made for bare fingers, can be tricky through a Kevlar glove.
    - The screen is sometimes obscured by sun glare, and has to be re-angled regularly.

    All in all, the 755T works well for motorcycling, even though that is not its intended purpose. It's not as good as a purpose-built bike GPS. But then again, it costs $275 less than the cheapest Zumo. Value for dollar, I give it 5 stars.
  • CAamazonshopper - Easy Purchase and InstallBuying Norton 360 is an annual event for us. It is more economical to buy the new versions from Amazon than to renew the old ones. As usual, the Norton product works well. I feel comfortable working with the various features. So far, protection has been good with automatic updates. Identity-Safe on the web browsers is a must for password management.
  • Pacman - Another WOW, another WIN!I have been a WOW advocate for years...since 1996 I have purchased one WOW album or another. Great way to get a snapshot of the best Christian songs of the year all in one place. WOW Worship and WOW Christmas are great too, but WOW Hits is always my family's favorite. I purchased 2013 right before a family road trip and it made the driving time fly by for all!