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  • David Michael Cook DDS - Long time QuickBooks userI own a one-dentist private dental office, and I have 5 employees counting myself. I have used QuickBooks for my office checking account and payroll for well over ten years. I find that I benefit from upgrading each year or two. I especially like the Enhanced Payroll service. It is easy to keep track of my five employees with QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll. I have just recently switched to E-Pay and E-File. These are very convenient, and I have had no problems with these services. End-of-year reports are very useful for sending to my accountant. I find that printing out the Trial Balance and Balance Sheet Reports as of December 31st and the Profit and Loss Report for the entire year along with Transaction Detail Reports by Account, by clicking the magnifying glass cursor on items in the Profit and Loss Report, are the only reports my accountant needs to prepare my S Corp tax returns. I find this is handier than providiing the accountant with a file on a flash drive. I then have a hard copy to keep with the tax return in case of an audit by the IRS. The ribbon toolbar is handy and easily custommizable for the icons most frequently used. I did use the add-on service for E-filing 1099s for the first time this year. Initially, I could not Sync my QuickBooks files with the server. I called tech support and the gentleman remotely accessed my computer and re-installed several MicroSoft files necessary for the Sync process to work. After that, it worked flawlessly. Cudos to tech support.
  • Darrell Messbarger Jr. - More than just doubt.Dr. Michaels' book reveals the motivations and follow-up actions of many industries who strive to protect their profits regardless of the impact on the nation's health. His story tells of the various industries' scientific and technical "whores" who sell their expertise to either create doubt about, or directly challenge the legitimate science that is produced for science sake - not profit.

    However, the underlying tale is far more onerous than the title expresses. It is not much of a stretch to understand that the nature of science is being seriously subverted. Science builds upon itself. All future work in the medical sciences will have to be cautious when using data produced by these charlatans. Some of that data will, in fact, be totally false.

    If this is allowed to continue, science will one day acquire the reputation now currently reserved for used-car salesmen, and streetwalkers. The problem is far greater than any of us would like to think about. Bravo Dr. Michaels.