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  • H. B. M. Carson - Really Nice, Cutting EdgeI purchased the Kindle for my roommate for christmas. The Kindle "1" was out of stock. My order was "upgraded" to a Kindle 2 it wasen't shipped until Feb.22,09. She received it Feb.27. The wait was will worth it. She couldn't be more pleased, works as advertised,user friendly,more books than I could read in a life time available. Pricey, yes, You pay for the wireless "up front". It is a task specific device. You can read on other devices, (iphone...etc.), if you are a kid. Adults need a screen a bit larger.I've got boxes of books, you can store 1000+ in this little device. Check for "Whispernet" coverage availability in your area.
  • - I won't leave home without it!We just returned from a trip to Honduras to work as part of the Hurricane Mitch Medical Relief efforts. This book (Spanish Edition) was a life saver for the medical team and the Hondurans we were treating. The text is comprehensive enough to assist in diagnosis and treatment for the team, and basic enough to share with the patients and provide education for them as well as cure what ails them. A must for anyone practicing medicine in developing countries! I'm purchasing my own copies to help with our practice in NM very near the Mexico border!
  • nadia - my ball look amazing!I used to think I was a bit weird being a female with one ball, but thanks to Bic I see I'm not alone! Who knew I just had to decorate my ball with lovely colours from Bics pens to feel more feminine?! I surely hope that there are pens like this for Him as well, cause everyone deserves to feel this good and pretty!