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  • C. Cruz "Amazonian" - Living The Artist's Way...Three years ago, I received 'The Artist's Way' along with companion book 'The Artist's Way Morning Pages Journal' as Christmas gifts. A car accident had turned my life topsy-turvy. These books were meant to pass the time in between physical therapy sessions, but they did so much more than that.

    Today, along with the above two books, I purchased 'The Vein of Gold' and read it about 9 months ago. I recommend all three books highly. First, get 'The Artist's Way' (doesn't someone owe you a gift, a favor, a random act of kindness even???) and while any plain notebook can be used for morning pages, I believe you should splurge and buy the companion book. You could have done that yesterday, but lucky for you there is still today. Don't wait for tomorrow. Time is your most valuable commodity. Really.
  • T. Bowman "TaraFabo" - I'm NOT a new mom, and I love it!I wanted to add my review since so many reviews seem to be from first-time parents. I have an older edition so I can't speak to the latest material presented, although I will be getting this version soon.

    I am on my third son in five years. I'm exhausted and seem to be in a constant "new mom fog." This book has been such a great help in the middle of the night -- or day! It's easy to reference and has calm, clear advice. It's great to look in and say, "Oh, this is NORMAL!" and to also know when things aren't so normal.

    Dr. Brown practices here in my town and she was actually the first physician to examine my first son, since I saw another doctor in her practice. She is very much like her writing -- straightforward, smart, and knows her stuff.

    Every new and not-so-new parent needs this book!