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  • Crazy Patty - Had to have this!I checked out this book from the library (2011 edition) and knew that I wanted to have a copy to take with me on my trip to Ireland, so I purchased the latest edition. It's pretty much like the previous year's edition, and it still has all the information I'm looking for. It also comes with a pull out map. I have found this book extremely informative; even though I have read other comments that R.S. didn't cover some areas. For us, it covers the areas that we have an interest in seeing. At least now I will have a copy that I can refer to as we drive around - especially the Dingle Peninsula and Dublin! I am extremely happy to own this book!
  • ~TrademarkP~ "TradeMarkPlayers..96' til" - No regrets!First off, I got the Prime because I wanted a tablet and didn't want an iPad. So I did some research and it looked like the prime was the proverbial "next best thing." Once it arrived I was impressed right out of the box. I have had it for a few weeks now, and I can say I regret nothing. The TF300 came out right after I ordered it for a hundy less, and looks like, if you are willing to make sacrifices in the storage and display dept., a pretty good deal. But back to the TransPrime. The display is remarkable. The form factor is comfortable and gorgeous, even though there are a few changes I'd make (power button placement being #1). The sound is some of the best I've heard on a portable device, crisp and clear. The tab comes with ASUS WebStorage (8GB free) and being an Android device you also have access to the Google Drive Cloud (another free 8 GB). So if you have a WiFi signal you'll be money in the drive department. Speaking of, a lot of people gripe about the metal back and connectivity issues. I've had none, so far but ASUS will throw in a GPS dongle pro bono. In the case I bought for it, it's about the size of a Harry Potter Hardcover and half the depth, so if you can carry a book with you you can carry the tablet. I would recommend it (or the TF300) to any tablet shoppers.
  • Artur Wojciechowski - A Great, Great Story!This is the second book from Holy Ghost Writer I bought and I was really expecting a lot after the first one, because the bar was set very high by the author. Plus I love Sherlock Holmes! Not only I was not disappointed but positively surprised again! HGR writing style is unique and different and this time he decided to tell the story as Holmes, and it couldn't be more on point. All the statements sound exactly like Holmes would say... You can tell the author loves Sherlock Holmes himself. If you are a Sherlock Holmes fan and/or are looking for a refreshing new read this book is Highly Recommended for you! 5 stars
  • Tina from Brooklyn "Piedmont photobug" - Wonderful cameraMy first compact interchangable camera and I love the size and feel of it! So much easier to carry and work with than my Sony A-300 and A-33. Photos are crisp and clear with both kit lenses. Extremely responsive to all camera changes and functions.
    Have never used a touch screen on a camera before and am just loving how easy it is to use and so much faster than using the dials. No complaints so far.
    Bought the printed manual from ManualInc. and it really helps understand the camera's many functions.