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  • Field90 - Wonderful!At first I was skeptical. Usually I am the type that goes for random letters. However, the first thing I thought to myself after reading chapter 1 was, "Look out, Harry Potter!" The writing style is truly wonderful. I should say that my favorite part was when 178936 told 1340827, "1403789032794." I couldn't stop laughing.
  • B. Hansen "Nick Family" - Heard a lot of buzz about Garcinia Cambogia!I was standing in line the other day at Starbucks and I heard two people talking about Dr. Oz and his endorsement of Garcinia Cambogia. I had to do more research! After learning that it was the most safe and effective herbal diet aid on the market, I had to buy some. Dynamic Nutrition's Garcinia Cambogia Extract has already helped me lose five pounds in the first couple weeks of taking it. They recommend that you take it for at least 60 days, but I'm already so excited I had to write this review. Plus, the pills are vegetarian, which is so hard to find in any supplement. Nothing curbs my hunger like this stuff. Highly recommended!
  • Charles W. Tignor Jr. "Tig" - MAJOR HelpThe first time I took the SAT in January (with no reviewing), I received a score of 1660 (1140). I was not content with this score, so I decided to take it again in an attempt to earn some merit scholarship money. I bought the Princeton Review book and studied (not just looked over, but actually took the time to do the activities) it rigorously throughout each chapter. I focused primarily on the Critical Reading/Vocabulary sections since that score was 100 points lower than my Math score. I brought the book to class with me and in my free time, I would crack it open and continue to work. I did not even get a chance to work on the practice sections because of time constraints (I bought the book two weeks before I was supposed to take the test). I guess you could consider it cramming, but with solid time put into the practice activities, my confidence and abilities increased immensely. I only got a chance to skim over the math sections, though. I just received my test scores a few days ago from the November test date and they are a true tribute to this Princeton Review SAT book. My math score went up 100 points, my critical reading score went up 70 points, and my writing score went up 80 points, making it a total point increase of 250. My final score turned out to be a 1910 (1310).

    Thank you Princeton Review SAT Prep Book.
  • Teri French - Best diet ever!I love the theory of tricking my body to get my metabolism working again. You eat a lot of good food and don't even miss the disallowed sugar or dairy or processed wheat. I am loving the recipes in the book. Although organic foods are more expensive, not only am I worth it, but I am saving money by not buying junk foods with little nutritional value.
  • Kate O. - Quality machine with good featuresI spent a lot of time reading reviews before purchasing this as a second sewing machine to use with my granddaughters in their weekly "sewing school.". This has worked perfectly to suit their beginner status on a real machine.

    Among the features that make this machine so well-suited for new sewers include the ease of threading, using the stitch selection guide, and, most importantly, the speed regulator bar. The girls enjoy threading the machine and using the needle threader. They get excited when they need to wind a new bobbin, and they look for excuses to use decorative stitches. Although the girls don't realize this, the even feeding of the feed dogs makes sewing straight seams almost hands-free. In the six weeks of use so far, the girls, ages six, seven, and eleven, have sewn flannel, cotton, and fleece projects with no difficulties.

    This machine has provided a most positive introduction to sewing for these young sewers. I am looking forward to having the time to utilize all of its capabilities for myself.