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  • pandkcraig - Best Table chair ever!I bought two other brands of table chairs and sent them straight back because they only worked on really slim tables. This one is a keeper. It fits onto every table even my dining room table that has a two inch skirt around it. We have taken out to many different restaurants and never had a problem putting it on a table. You do need to read through the directions thoroughly because I missed a step and my baby almost slid out of it. This is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone with a small child. It worked for our son who was four months at the time just learning to sit up. He is six months now and still loves it. We take it everywhere we go.
  • Jason - Diet Works If You Have Will PowerThe information in this book probably saved my life. I was suffering from Ulcerative Colitis, with lots of blood, mucus, and pain. The medications offered by my doctor's only had moderate and short-term effects. So I searched for alternative treatments. The diet in this book works. I have been completely symptom free for about 18 months now and feel better than I have in YEARS. Be warned that the diet is very hard to follow at first, and you need lots of willpower, and having supportive family and friends may be necessary. For example, my wife makes me lots of SCD diet desserts, which has been crucial. There is hardly any food I miss now, and I can't argue with the results.
  • Christopher Powell "Christopher" - Great receiver - network astute.This Denon is an easy decision for a mid-size room 7.1 speaker system. I am using it to power (7) 8"in wall speakers.

    I had an existing Onkyo tx-nr616 that was very quirky so all of my connections were ready to swap quickly. The speaker terminals don't accept banana plugs horizontally, but will do so vertically and have effective space on the back to make this possible without covering other jacks. The only other jack that I ran into problems with was the CD audio... so I insulated with tape to prevent inadvertent contact. I first I didn't like this approach, but it certainly reduces the depth of the cabinet for supporting banana plugs.

    In addition to my 7 speakers, I plugged in two HMDI sources and the hdmi TV output to a Samsung 60" PN60E7000 plasma display and a cat5 network cable. Turning on the receiver for the first time, it connected to the network and identified an update with a timeframe of 41 minutes. Accepting this update takes the 41 minutes that it claims, which is mostly tied to the update process, not the firmware download.

    I had read about this unit before purchasing, so instead of using the remote for setup, I found the Denon on my computer's network folder. Double clicking this opened my browser to the control page for the Denon. This made setup 100% easier than mashing remote buttons. Spotify and Pandora account email and passwords take 2 seconds through this network connection. The unit is default set to support 5.1 with secondary zones. I changed this setting through the network, and plugged in the audessy mic for initial speaker setup. It's a traditional setup process, allowing for measurement at more listening positions than I need, effectively adjusting tone and volume.

    The remote isn't much to write home about and I don't really intend on using it since the receiver will accept 2 way hdmi commands from the TV.
    Pandora was quick and easy and playing my mix in no time... and as others have said, from a Windows 8 PC, you can select a file and choose to "play to" the receiver. This works great with audio files mp3/mp4.. I don't know if video works - I usually stream video straight to the screen.

    Sound is great and has autoleveling to deal with crazy TV loud commercials. I love it... the onkyo tx-nr616 is going on craigs list.