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  • Damian Phillip - "The Twenty-Four Hours Guardian"I have had this program (2012) for a year, now I am sixty-days away from uploading the 2013 version. I am 100% satisfied with every aspect of the Kaspersky Anti-Virus program. Believe me, I have tried others and have stopped using them because the programs just was not cutting it for me. Most of the time, the programs were missing in action or absence from the party.

    After the Geek Squad told me that it was the best Anti-Virus program, I jumped on it immediately. Trust me, it is a well worth investment, and you will be glad that you purchased it for your computer. By the way, I originally bought it from Walmart and I paid $47.00 for the program, which cover three computers. Make sure you check to ensure that you are buying the one for three computers or one. "Good luck on your purchase"
  • Babs in AZ - I LOVE my OrGreenic 10" pan.I purchased a 10" OrGreenic pan from Walmart several months ago (mainly out of curiosity from what I have seen on ads). I have used it a lot and I LOVE it. I seasoned it like it said. Nothing sticks. I just ordered the whole set. Best pan have ever had. I can't see any change in the pan like I usually can when I have purchased teflon-coated pans in the past--the shiny coating gets a little lighter with just a few uses. A doctor friend of ours also told me years ago that teflon coating wasn't good to eat and had serious consequences later--that's when we got rid of all our old pans and went to a heavy iron pan which we still use also. I also am pleased that my OrGreenic pan doesn't seem to be affected by heat and doesn't warp. It is advertised as being ok at 500 degrees. I checked the diamond blue pan that advertises some of the same features as OrGreenic and it says it is ok to 350 degrees so I am assuming my OrGreenic pan will not curl and bend with use since I cook at lower than 500 degrees on my glass-top stove.
  • Yattaman X-79 "Yattaman X-79" - The perfect gift for my friend Chris!!!I bought this for my friend Chris , a while ago he loved the great pulls that he got that day. He got a Firewing Pegasus, Masked Hero Acid, and some other great pulls. Anyone who's a fan of Yugioh ,and collects the cards . Should get this tin ,it's a great way to score some super, ultra, and secret rare cards.
  • Michael K. Weathers "KEVIN_W_SC" - Dr. Tom Horn's Magnum OpusApollyon Rising 2012 is Dr. Horn's Magnum Opus in my opinion.
    It is very well researched and has extensive foot noting.
    I feel it is a must read for all christians as well as Americans.
    The subject matter covers America's occult origns and the Illuminati plans/timeline for the return of their god Osiris/Nimrod/Apollo.
    Get your copy today !
    If the Illuminati are successful, then this WILL affect you.

    Kevin W.