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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • Margaret Picky - 2013 Amazon Bear by Gund - Sixth EditionThe 2013 Gund Amazon Collectible Teddy Bear is the sixth edition in this Amazon tradition that began in 2008. Each year, a different bear with a unique hat embroidered with the Amazon.com smile logo is made by Gund as an Amazon exclusive.

    This year's cuddly little fellow is twelve inches tall with dark brown fur and he sports a red plaid trapper hat with a fur lining. He sits upright and has plush faux fur. He is so huggable! I think he is the cutest Amazon bear yet.

    He is free when included with a basket of $75 worth of qualifying toys sold by Amazon—over 116,000 different items are eligible at this time, from LEGO Minecraft sets to LeapFrog electronics. He can also be purchased at a discount to the usual price for a comparable Gund bear.

    Some of the previous bears are being sold for many times over the original retail prices, although the 2012 edition bear in a cute little red ski cap with matching mittens is still available at a bargain price.

    Don't forget to add him to your cart when buying toys this Christmas!
  • D. Swaim - Finally! Something that WORKS!!I have used literally THOUSANDS of "acne clearing" products and this is the first one I have ever found that works. Admittedly, I've only been using it for a few weeks and hopefully, it will not stop working (this is true of many products once your skin gets used to the product), but until then, I have seen pimples disappear before my eyes. Honestly, I can't reccommend it enough, and if you're worried about the cost, add up the cost you've spent on all those products in the medicine cabinet (none of which work) and see how much they've cost over the years. That's what I did and gave it a shot. I'm glad I did!
  • MBHurley - Great heating padI bought this heating pad to help me with a herniated disc in my neck which feels so much better with heat in it. I was hesitant about buying online however found the reviews on this heating pad were better than the majority of others.

    It is slightly more expensive but definitely worth it. It's pro's include:
    - heats up really quickly & on the highest setting is very hot; I generally find that the setting of 5 is sufficient for my needs. It goes up to 6.
    - the auto off function is perfect, it allows me to fall asleep with the heat which provides relief yet is not dangerous.
    - it is very soft and easy to position over several pillows.
    - it has a very long cord which means finding an outlet is not a problem.

    The only drawback for me is that the plug which goes into the heating pad is relatively big and hard - it's not a problem so long as I position it properly.

    I have had no issues since I purchased it several weeks ago & would not hesitate in recommending this heating pad.