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  • Kris48 "Kris" - Vet's Best Natural Flea SprayAfter I switched to Frontline, because it's supposed to be so much better, our dogs became infested with fleas. They hadn't had them before. So I tried all the things that were recommended, besides switching back to Hartz. But I didn't want insecticide in the house while I was fighting the infestation. So I tried this. I still couldn't stay in the house after spraying, I have a problem with strong smells. But it worked great. I'd been vacuuming, etc. but still getting bit. After spraying, I came back a couple hours later and vacuumed again. No more bites!! The smell was still strong, but not unpleasant. Running a few fans got it diffused, and it worked so well.

    The house is 1500 sq. feet, I soaked every room, and I still have over half the bottle left. Well worth the money!
  • Migue "etherboy" - Good BookYou will find lots of information for every medical school. The book contains chapters that talk about financing medical school, diversity, and special programs. There are two pages dedicated to each school. You will find average MCAT and GPA for entering students, a description of the goals of the school, a list of requirements, and much more. Just buy the book!
  • Lynn M - I think it's great!I bought this at a local store, and then decided I better check out the reviews before opening. After reading all the reviews here, I decided to go ahead and open it, but I wasn't expecting much. I knew from the other reviews that I needed fresh batteries (I used freshly charged rechargeables) and a feather light touch.

    I did NOT use the filing plate, as I had already manually shaved my thick 'big toe' callous recently. So I only used the finishing plate ("sander"). I used it with very light pressure and it never ONCE stopped on me. I worked it all over both my feet and my callouses have never been smoother.

    I do recommend this product, if you are using the finishing (sanding) plate. I don't know about the filing plate (grater) because I didn't use it.

    With the finishing plate, I could literally see white dust (dead skin - ick) flying off. As soon as I finished, I pulled the batteries out and put them back on the charger, so they will be ready for the next use.

    I will absolutely buy another one, in case something happens to this one.
  • Jordan C. Fowler "Slimey93" - My PRODUCT review.This tablet turned out to be what I wanted and expected. Yes my tablet is running honeycomb, yes my tablet is a little slow at times and I bit buggy. But that's a given the tablet isn't optimized for honeycomb it's optimized for ICS. The screen is beautiful the Ips+ screen really helps outdoors. The quad core is a litt bit outdated and may show in the near future, but that's like comparing a Ferrari to a Lamborghini they're both fast and sexy one is just a bit more faster and sexy than the other. The camera turned out to be better than I expected. I'm a college student so I have been using the keyboard a lot. Polaris office seems to be the best for making documents and such. Yes I do believe asus and retailers have botched this launch but hey what can you do no use crying over spilt milk I say. It's truly sad how people are pouting about the locked rooting capabilities but don't sque the results on a retailers website...that IMO is childish very very childish. All of my tablet needs have been sufficiently satiated. If you have any more questions just ask me in the comments and I'll be more than happy to answer them. Despite some problems I'm giving this PRODUCT a 5 out of 5 because the PRODUCT is fantastic and will work better once ICS comes out other problems are with the producer and retailers not the PRODUCT.
  • Work of Life - The first major overhaul in a long time.I upgraded from QB 2011 and wow, 2013 is a significant improvement. The most prominent improvement is the new global layout. The new layouts are much more organized, simplified, intuitive and professional than any of the past ten years or so that I have been using QB. It is a significant improvement and makes the software easier to work with for non-accountant types (like me) that own small businesses.

    I also integrate QB compatible reports from my banks along with Intuit's Payroll and Go-Payment subscriptions which makes for a really nice integrated and mostly automated small business accounting solution.

    The amount of time that this integrated solution saves me is well worth the additional costs of the add-on services.

    Thanks for reading, I hope this review was helpful!