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  • NobodysCandy - Norton 360I will always use Norton and now I will always purchase it first from Amazon. Norton 360 is great because it allowed me to go into my husbands computer, when it had one of the worst viruses ever, and perform a clean back up all his information onto a USB and then it cleaned it and now its working better than ever.
  • milady "m" - evidence + personality = decisionAs a scientist, I have spent a enormous amount of time during my own pregnancy hunting for numbers and studies on common pregnancy issues, such as the ones dealt with in the book. Surprisingly, doctors are extremely evasive on these kinds of things and it is a great effort to find and interpret all the available information, and make an informed decision. Also surprising is the fact that this book has only just been written now!

    Having just finished reading it, I can say that it is a great resource, even just for the list of references that comes with each chapter (assuming you don't care for the author's opinions or experiences). Contrary to what other reviews or even interviews with the author may lead to believe, this book does not really make recommendations. It simply presents the available evidence (or lack thereof) on a matter, and demonstrates how to use that evidence along with personal preference to make a decision (something to which everyone is entitled!). It is extremely sad that so many people are incapable of evaluating this work rationally and are hijacking the discussion on the real issue that the book is tackling: the fact that doctors typically treat all patients alike, whether it is an analytic person who *needs* reasonable justifications for recommendations, or someone who is capable of blind trust. (To some degree, this may also stem from inappropriate marketing of the book...)

    Despite being quite broad in the range of pregnancy topics it touches upon, there are also three very important ones, which I have extensively researched, but which are not even mentioned in the book. In order of importance:
    1) Impact of ingredients commonly encountered in personal hygiene/cosmetic products (e.g. parabens, phtalates). There is a great resource for this with comprehensive evaluations and a lot of scientific references:
    2) Soft markers for Down syndrome (e.g. intracardiac foci, swollen kidneys etc). These are somewhat of a new development, and there is not even close to a prevailing view on how to use this information. Therefore, it is particularly important to be aware of the studies and their results.
    3) Artificial sweeteners. Since it is often the case that one must reduce sugar intake during pregnancy (see discussion on excessive weight gain), it is important to know which artificial sweeteners are the least trouble health-wise.
  • TC5604 - Billy Crystal shines!All I should say is "BRAVO BILLY"! But I will say more because I love autobiographies. I could hear Billy reading this book and I did not get the audio version. It was like being at a live show that you did want to leave even for a bathroom break. And of course the book can accompany you there so it has advantages. It was complete with expletives, pictures, and wonderful detail. This is a book anyone will enjoy, and autobiography lovers will be very pleased to read it several times.
  • B. Foster - Excellent bookI know, not another Hurricane Katrina book.
    This one is very different from anything else out there. The writing is exceptional, the people are fascinating, and you will be shocked at the second half of the book.
    This is non-fiction but it will suck you in and stir your emotions like a great novel will. I hope this will become required reading in our schools.
  • Louis Schulte "Louis Schulte" - I'm a Mac user, but I appreciate the Value of this Software!Needless to say Apple has a extensive, very effective set of Software Applications that frankly I prefer to use,, but unfortunately much of the business world still operates with Microsoft Office. In order to share various Documents it was a no brainer... The Office Suite provides everything I need......Especially and most importantly when sharing information.