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  • JP "ZappaFan" - My Favorite Floyd AlbumI know that Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall are generally regarded as their best and are certainly more popular in general, but this is my favorite Floyd album overall. Part of me realizes that this being the year/tour I saw them probably has a lot to do with it, but I would still argue that Dogs and Pigs (3 different ones) are 2 of their BEST songs even if I hadn't!!! And, as other reviewers have already mentioned, this is some of Gilmour's BEST guitar work.... PERIOD!!!

    Bottom line.....if you don't have Animals, your Pink Floyd collection is incomplete!!
  • djbuik "djbuik" - This prodcut gave me my life backI went to several doctors and had numerous tests for aching lymph nodes and severe fatigue over a one and a half year period. I was told I potentially had MS, a brain tumor, or lymphoma based upon the results of my CT scans and blood tests and ended up having a spinal tap and suffering a spinal leak (very painful). I was ultimately told it was most likely a virus affecting my immune system, which may or may not eventually go away. After getting no relief or answers, my wife happened upon this product searching the internet for a solution. After suffering for so long, I was willing to try anything, yet remained very skeptical. This product worked almost immediately and really helped me. My lymph nodes no longer hurt, and I am essentially back to normal. I still need to watch my sugar intake, but Fivelac keeps me on track. I have never given a product a review, but felt compelled to do so based upon all the suffering I experienced which was clearly needless. I'm not saying it is a cure-all, but it really helped my symptoms and helped me return to a normal life.
  • Ahmad A. A. Yousef "Ahmad Yousef :)" - amazing performance from HDD to SSDI have a Macbook pro 15" early 2011. The Harddisk was 500 GB 7200 RPM, which was slowing the performance of my laptop.
    So I have decided to to change it with a SSD one.
    I heard from my friends about crucial m4, they said it is amazingly fast and saves battery.
    When I looked I found this M500, I cloned my hard disk and booted with the M500 480GB.

    I saw the difference, extremely faster than the HDD and booting time is less by approx a min. but reading and writing are fast fast fast....
  • klderosier - Great InsightsThis book really challenges us, as women, to take control of our destinies and push forward with our careers. It doesn't discount the fact that we may have families, but challenges us to make room for both if that is our choice. She encourages women to support each other. I read this book for a book club we started for women in the workplace and I am sure we will have a lot of great conversation and actions that come from this book.