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  • L. Potter "Research Nerd" - Spell of the Sensuous Book ReviewI ordered The Spell of the Sensuous for a small discussion group through my school's art club. I had never ordered a "used" book before, so I was a little apprehensive about it. I found this book with minimal use to it and decided to take a chance with my order. The book arrived very quickly and in exactly the state in which it was described. There was a tiny stain on the front cover, but the book itself was perfect. Thank you.
  • Sean R. Heritage - Living A Life Well SpentLast summer a good friend of mine passed away and I remember sitting by his bed with him and his fiancee when the Doctors told him there was nothing left that they could do to cure his illness. With the same grace he displayed throughout his life, he accepted the news and when the room cleared leaving only the three of us we talked about the remaining days. We asked him about the things he wanted us to do with him and/or on his behalf with the time he had left (he would be confined to hospice for the remainder). We asked him if there was any "unfinished business" that he might need us to tend to. He had been ill for a while and therefore even more deliberate than usual about how he spent his time, with whom he spent it, and the experiences he accumulated as time dissipated. He had done everything he wanted in his short life, he had tended to the business that would take care of loved ones once he was gone, and he had no regrets and no unfinished business about which to think over what was his last couple of weeks. Though his life was full, as Todd Henry would say, he lived in such a way that he would soon "Die Empty".

    I loved "The Accidental Creative" (Todd's first book), read Todd's blog regularly, and listen to each of his podcasts...Inspiring! "Die Empty" is different...it's even better!! I aspire to live a life that leads me to feeling the same way my good friend did during his final days. That life requires us to spend a large portion of our time outside of our comfort zone, to reclaim our curiosity, and to stop talking about the "hypothetical value" of our ideas. Life is about action. Life is about doing. Life is about fulfillment and follow through. This book reminds us that passion is about suffering, not just enjoyment. And that if we care enough to "Die Empty", we need to be willing to suffer for the people and things we hold most dear. Reading this book may not be easy and it may make it a little more difficult to look yourself in the mirror today. However, by reading, heeding, and practicing the teachings we will all likely appreciate what we see as we reflect on our actions when our life comes to a close.
  • D. Roberts "Hadrian12" - Vintage Floyd!This is the best post-Roger Waters Pink Floyd production to date. With Gilmour at the helm, this album adds some classic songs to the Floyd repertoire. "Poles Apart" is perhaps the most memorable song on the CD. It combines the lyrical touch of Gilmour's guitar with the typical melancholy timbre of his voice. "Keep Talking" features a cameo appearance of none other than the [computer] voice of Stephen Hawking; the Lucasian professor of mathematics @ Cambridge university. "High Hopes" portrays the bitter falling out (understatement) between Gilmour and Waters. The fans of the Floyd who have kept up on the politics of the Floyd will appreciate this one.For aficionados of the Floyd, I am sure I need not give any urging to buy this album, as all of you already have it in your collection. For the rest of the people who may be either unfamiliar with the band, or only have a peripheral interest in them, this is a can't miss buy.
  • Wildcat Lee - ABSOLUTELY A MUST READ OF A MOST TIMELY PUBLISHED BOOK BY JOHN SHOREYI cannot say enough about this timely book that John Shorey has published. What impresses me is his humility and desire for truth. He solely waits on the Holy Spirit for guidance and welcomes anybody to correct anything that they may find wrong with what he has said! HOW REFRESHING! I don't like what all the book says but I fully accept it and now believe it as I honestly believe Mr. Shorey has seeked and found absolute truth; NOT RELATIVE truth that so many leaders of the USA refer to and use!!!!
    I also believe that our Lord has given John Shorey the 'job' of writing this book as a gift to his children in these final times to find the truth so we can plan our lives accordingly and share this book with everhyone we have opportunity to do such. Christians and those about to become ones are fortunate in these times to get books like Jonothan Cahn's- The Harbinger and now John Shorey's- Window for the Lord's Return 2012-2020.