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  • Tina Richards - My dog is so much happier.This year we have had a severe flea problem and even frontline wasn't working. On top of that, my dog is allergic to fleas. She had bald spots, her skin was dried out from all the chemical treatments I was using to get rid of the fleas and her coat was dull and thinning. I started her on Brewers Yeast and Garlic tablets (which she thinks are treats) combined with "Vet's Best Natural Flea + Tick Home Spray," last month and now her coat is shining, the fleas are very few and far between, her bald spots are gone, her skin is healthy and she is a very happy doggy. She also smells great!
  • GinaStone - Garcinia Cambogia is great!After seeing this supplement mentioned on the Dr. Oz show, I thought I'd give it a try. Following instructions 3 pills 3 times daily, I started seeing results in a matter of weeks! Very happy with the purchase and Nutrigold is definitely a brand I'd buy again!
  • Dennis Crawford - Looks great, works greatBeing an engineer, I had no problem assembling the unit, however I believe it could be a major challenge for someone not mechanically inclined (mostly sheet metal parts & a wide variety of fasteners). The unit looks great and works great, however it does require more maintenance (than conventional grills) to keep it that way. The "infrared" grates require cleaning after each use due to the very small drain holes, and because a high temperature burn is required after each grilling to burn off grease, it uses more gas. Also, in order to keep the exterior looking clean, I found that a citric cleaner does a good job of cleaning up grease splatters, followed by a stainless steel cleaner to eliminate streaks. It's more work, but it sure looks (and works) great on my deck.
  • phantomfan - Worth all the buzzI'm sorry for those of you who have had trouble with it, but I can honestly say that I LOVE this little gizmo. Will it save me money? In the end, quite possibly. I have always been one to pop out to the local convenience store for a fountain drink, and haul those 12-packs up 3 flights of stairs (yikes), so yes, I might see a cost savings. Eventually. Be prepared for the upfront investment to be a bit steep - the machine itself, a spare tank (which you might or might not choose to do), spare bottles (which you will definitely want to do), and of course lots of different flavors. But then after everything you need is acquired, you'll be making your own soda right and left, and NOT running to the store, and NOT hauling things up the stairs, and NOT filling your trash can with empties.

    But does it work? Yes. Extremely well. I've found that if your water is VERY cold (I refrigerate it in the bottles overnight) you really do only need three buzzes, as long as you're willing to drink it out of the bottle. I do. Why not? If you're going to pour it, you might want to buzz it a couple more times because it fizzes out a bit. Just like a 2-liter from the store does. But your water HAS to be very cold, otherwise it won't hold the fizz well and you'll need more like 10 buzzes. And then your canister will be depleted that much faster.

    I've also found that some of the diet flavors are not sweet enough for my taste (lemon-lime and pink grapefruit). Add a bit of sweetener to the syrup (in the cap, before you pour it in) and it helps considerably. The diet cola is very good, and that will be my main flavor.

    I'm also looking forward to experimenting with mixing flavors and using extracts. Peppermint soda for Christmas, anyone? Ok, it might be gross, but here's an easy and cheap way to try it, right? And what about that Coke Blak that was a complete flop? Now's your chance to find out why. And why not give that iced coffee a bit of a zing? The possibilities really are endless. And there are lots of great cocktail recipes too. I can't wait to have friends over and invite them to make their own soda!

    As far as exchaning the CO2 tank, it couldn't be easier as long as you have a Bed Bath & Beyond near you. I was there today buying a spare, and at least three different associates who saw me walking around with it informed me that they do exchanges. They also have the best prices on the syrups and lots variety in stock. AND they have those cute little half-liter bottles in green and orange with smiley faces. Sorry, Amazon, as much as I love you for most everything else, your prices on the soda mixes are pretty outrageous. To the rest of you, buy them at BB&B or whatever your local retailer is.

    So for cost savings ... meh. Who knows. For saving the planet, well, every little bit helps.

    But for convenience and fun ... five BIG stars. LOVE it!!
  • Frank Burke - A must read!!This book is a must read for all Americans regardless of their faith. It is extremely well researched and gives a true insight into where America is headed under the Obama administration. America is at a serious crossroads in its history and the time to act is now. At times the book is frightening and you will go through a roller coaster of emotions reading it. As always there is great hope and this book gives a roadmap to rescuing America from the hands of evil. I implore you to buy it, read it, live it and give it to your friends.