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  • Christina C. - Taste horrible, works great!!I was a little shocked to see a claim on the package that this product had a new and improved taste because well, it taste like licking the inside of an old fish tank. It has a very very earthy taste to it. It can be a bit shocking at first but once you get use to it, chucking it down once a day is well worth the amount of energy it gives you. The suggested serving size is 2 scoops with water or juice. I only use 1 scoop with 8oz of strong juice like orange or pineapple. I mix it up as well as I can and then just chug it down. The taste only last a minute or two but the energy last for hours. It's like chugging a large red bull with an espresso chaser. It also really helps in cutting down on cravings, especially sugar cravings.
  • Richard Raehal - Why this a great buy!The Kindle Fire HD is an amazing product. What makes this product so great is the new screen, sound, and whisper soft technology. All these advancement come to you for a great price.
    The screen on Kindle Fire HD is bright and crisp. It has a 1280x800 high definition LCD display. It packs a punch even with its small 7” screen. The picture is clear no matter the viewing angle. The Kindle Fire is made so that there is no gap in-between the screen and touch sensor. The gap in most small tablets, including the Kindle Fire 7, make the screen hard to see in outdoor light as well as when lying in bed. This is not so with the Kindle Fire HD; the screen is great any light at any angle.
    The sound on the Kindle Fire HD far surpasses the sound on Amazon’s older tablets. With the HD you have clear sound that you don’t have to struggle to hear. With the original Kindle 7”, the sound was so low and muddled; headphones had to be worn to really enjoy any form of sound. This is not the case with the HD version where the sound is clear and loud.
    The feature that makes the Kindle Fire HD a one kind unit is the Whispersync software. This software is the best tool for children with a learning disability since the invention if dictation software. My daughter cannot read and thins tool has made her fall in love with reading. The Whipersync links your kindle book to the audio book. When you buy a kindle version book you are offered the ability to buy the audio book from for a discount. When you download both the book and audio they are synced to each other. The reader can open the book press play the book is read by the HD while the tablet highlights each word that is being read so the reader can follow along. If the reader moves on to another task they can listen to audio without the book on the screen. When the book is opened back up it starts off the where the audio has left off. This is an amazing tool for many, but for a child that can’t read it opens up a whole new world to them. I think Kindle fire HD is the total package for a great price.
  • jake's grandma - This worked great.My husband had followed one link too many one night after work and ended up with a virus that locked up his computer. We got the Norton 360 and he installed it and cleaned up the computer. Then he installed it on the others, as it can be used 3 times.

    He wanted to go to Walmart and get one there for speed, but Amazon was less than half their price, so we waited the 3 days for the free delivery. Don't you just love the free delivery????? I do!! And I REALLY HATE walking through Walmart. Their electronics is always at the rear of the huge store.
  • Brett "Technology Evangelist" - Unequaled insight!Robert brings an amazing perspective to the way he views the world. He's incredibly intelligent, open minded (though sometimes stubborn), and has a child like enthusiasm that's contagious. "Age Of Context" brings this perspective to our changing world and shows how social relevance is the new currency.
  • Benjamin Siegler - Great works of GreyThis is an astonishingly beautiful calendar filled with the varied works of master artist, Alex Grey. For those unfamiliar with Grey, check Wiki. For everyone else, this is a great way to showcase Grey's amazing work, the whole year round. Open your mind and get this calendar which depicts an expansion of the human experience in this mortal coil.