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  • Keith French - Uranium by mail!I spent years buying this stuff from Libyans in mall parking lots. I just cannot tell you how difficult my life has been, dealing with sketchy and heavily armed individuals, inconstant quality and availability, and when the Libyans are not shooting at you, the Dept. of Homeland Security tends to have a lot of questions for you. Not to mention now you have so much competition for this resource from both the North Koreans and the Iranians. But now I have a reliable, and safe way to power the flux capacitor in my DeLorean up to 1.21 jiggawatts. Let me tell you finding places to get a lightning bolt to strike my car was getting more and more difficult.
  • Rose Red - As good as it gets for candida treatmentI have upgraded to the fivelac version of this product from threelac it has solved all the issues I was confounded with in before (it has acidopholus & bifidus along with the three strains of candida eating bacteria inside). I have CFS, and have been tested for Ebstein Barr, Candida, & Hypothyroid - with positive results for all. I've found after 5 years, I cannot live without my T3(thyroid medication), Fivelac, Thorne Mediclear & a Ph Balanced Diet - otherwise I cannot function enough to keep all my affairs in order. After trying a zillion products, practitioners & spending thousands of $$$$ - this is what I've been left with. BTW - if u have a dianosed hypothyroid - go see an endocrinologist! Abandon that unconventional overpriced CFS doctor!! (Holtorf Medical Group in Torrance is a rip-off!) Hope this helps!