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  • JACKY BROWN "JB" - GREAT HEARTWARMING READ!!Just finished the book and couldn't wait to write this review! Where shall I begin, first of all Terry has a knack for writing about real life situations and bringing them to the forefront in a heartwarming funny way. I felt like I knew every character. I swear Terry must know my aunt because her character Arlene is the exact personality of my aunt. Nurse Kym I identified with because of her view on not wanting children... It made me laugh at myself and feel less selfish knowing somebody else out there may feel the exact same way. The book in total made me laugh cry and sometimes both at the same time. BJ the main character in this book is like a lot of women I know in my own community. Lastly I did NOT want this book to end!! BRAVO TERRY!!! BRAVO!!
  • R. Fornfeist - Thank goodness I was talked into this procedureI was talked into trying the h202 treatment by friends. Were they ever right in touting the positives about hydrogen peroxide. I borrowed the One Minute Cure book, and later purchased my own. It was so easy to follow the instructions for using h202 in the book. Easy to understand and put to use. After completeing the initial phase, and now on the maintenance dose, here's what h202 has done for me. Asthma no longer a problem after 30 years, no more use of breathalizers. My trouble with the male BPH problem has just about disapeared, and I have stopped using medication for this. As I am 70 years old, I was beginning to feel the effects of old age forgetfullness, that has all but disapeared. Also in closing, I would like to mention that other then the taste of the diluted h202, I experienced no ill feelings at all. I would hope that anybody trying this procedure has as much luck with it, as I do. Purchase the One Minute Cure book.
  • wendy chapman - You will enjoy this one.Well written, excellently paced work. Good characters and clever plot line. I haven't reach the end of the story and hope it holds together as well as the rest of the plot has done so far. It is a hard book to put down because the author knows how to keep you engaged and on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next. The style of alternating between the two main characters is well done.
  • glenn bayard - Invisible but always protective security investment ever!!Owned Kaspersky for about 6 months........simple to install, always vigilant protection, never intrusive........can't get better than this. I transitioned from an occasionally problematic MacAfee suite..........will remain with Kaspersky forever. Regarding those 'free' security software offers.......... I can't envision that any 'free' software can be as good as something you pay for, and it's only a nominal cost for such HUGE benefits. Never has my computer ever been compromised.........simply boots up and functions like 'new' every day.......thank you Kaspersky.
  • Marvin D. Martian - A REAL COMFORTABLE SHOE!I've been looking for years for a pair of shoes like these since AND1 stop making a somewhat similar shoe. Their shoe was more of a moc style with a mesh top. I loved that shoe because you could wear it with or without socks just like these. I just might order another pair in another color? There just that nice!