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  • K. Shulman "Yachtmasterkyle" - Simply FantasticThese Speakers are simply fantastic. Audiophiles with undoubtable find something to criticize, but for their size and price these speakers really have remarkable presence and dynamic range. I have them in a large living room and they are just excellent.

    Setting them up was much easier that I thought using Airplay. I have a sync button on my router which speeds up the process quite a bit. 1. Hit the sync button on router 2. Hit sync button on speaker. 3. Hit Airplay button on iPad (Music Icon) and select the speakers. That was it.

    Streaming Pandora One works very well. I changed the Pandora setting to stream higher quality. I am using a 1st Gen iPad and iPhone 4s. Volume works by using the physical volume controls.

    The only flaw so far is the included remote which doesn't work unless you are very close, but you don't need it since you can control everything from your mobile device. The included docking station is elegant and charges your iPad/Phone (it doesn't have a physical connection, but you don't need one).

    I am very impressed. After doing quite a bit of research, I was going to by the Klipsch G-17 Air's but they delayed the ship date. I am really glad, because it is going to be hard to beat the sound on these. I was a bit hesitant because Philips does not specialize in Audio. I have to hand it to them, they did a first rate job with these speakers.

    I was also a bit concerned about Airplay being glitchy, but the Philips speakers has it working flawlessly. These speakers are the way it should be! I control all my music around the house using my iPhone!

    I will definitely buy another pair and would recommend them.

    I also bought the DS3881 SoundRing for the bathroom. It is rechargeable so you can bring it around with you in the smaller rooms. I hope they work as well as these.
  • BJS - very usefulIf your pain is bad enough and your medical situation is hopeless enough that death seems preferable, the one thing you don't want to do is fail, leaving yourself in an even worse situation, and causing serious problems for other people. This book provides information not available elsewhere and a framework for thinking about one of the most serious decisions anyone can make.
  • thom flora - Can't rave enoughI've never, in my long, long reading life, posted a review on any site, anywhere. But this book has left me compelled to do so now. I read "Citizen Vince" several years ago and absolutely loved it. Somehow I just couldn't wrap my brain around "The Zero" and therefore skipped "The Financial Lives Of The Poets". Then "Beautiful Ruins" came out and something beckoned me to take a chance on it. Long story short, it's one of the best books I've ever read; holds up start to finish. The characters are amazingly well-drawn the minute they walk onto the stage and continue to endear themselves as this absorbing story unfolds. I know I'm not doing this book justice in this review so just let me it.
  • Poledra84 - A great re-telling of a classicThe Count of Monte Cristo as Retold by Sherlock Holmes is a fascinating re-telling of the classic work "The Count of Monte Cristo." It's written in more modern language so that it can appeal to a younger audience as well as to adults. However, the book still maintains the feel of the original classic. The author does a wonderful job of mixing the "new" with the "old." I know it's a cliché, but I couldn't put the book down. The characters are so engaging that they draw you into the book. This is a must-read for anyone who has read the original book, or anyone who hasn't. Either way, it will appeal to readers who like stories in this genre.