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  • Scott Ayotte - Great phoneThe biggest downside of this phone is the "small" app market and there is a version of every app I ever really used on my two previous phones. I owned an Iphone 3Gs (which I liked) and replaced that with a Motorola Atrix (which I liked also for different reasons but it was glitchier than the Iphone) and this is my favorite of the three. I was looking for a new phone because the Atrix was getting really slow and it was between the 920 the Galaxy S III and the Iphone 5. I've played with the Iphone 5 and it's nice and I would have been more than happy with it but the Home screen isn't as good and I actually like the heftier phone. The android was nice because of all the customization but after about a day I didn't do much with it and I had more problems syncing with my computer than my Iphone. The only caution I give on this phone is it seems it mightbe hard to use if you have small hands but maybe a smaller handed reviewer could comment on that. I'd buy this phone again in a heartbeat and the more people that buy it, the better the app marketplace will get. If the rating was out of 10 I'd give it a 9. It's not perfect, but it's pretty close.
  • Jeffery MAynard - Little girl loves it.My 3 year old got this for Christmas and she loves it. I wish I could get a tablet this rugged and reliable for the cost of this "toy." It does everything an adult device does, granted just not as pretty a display. But drop your Android tablet off the kitchen table and see what happens!
  • ti vuong - I love the idea.I bought this for my daughter's BD. I thouhgt that I got good price. I did everything I could but I found out that I did not have the shipping address with me. After I finally got the shipping address the price went up about $10. I was a little disappointed about that. Besides that, the shipping was extreamly fast. I'm in the west coast and my daughter is in east cost. My daughter received it the next day and she seems to love the product and has good time making Yonanas.
  • Dr. Bojan Tunguz - Durable and Relatively Easy to InstallI got these roof rack crossbars for our new Honda CR-V. I appreciate the ability to order them online for a price that is well below what I would have paid at the dealership. They were delivered promptly, and after some initial trouble I was able to install them by myself. The only trouble that I had was with the choice of torque torx bit for the installation. The T-30 torx bit that was required does not come standard in most universal torque wrench sets, so I had to make an additional trip to the hardware store in order to get it. Once I had it I was able to install the crossbars by myself, although some help from a spouse or a friends can come in handy. For the most part the latest models oh Honda vehicles make it very convenient to install roof accessories such as these crossbars, but the attachment holes were still a bit awkwardly placed and required soem dexterity for proper screwing in. This awkwardness means that it is not very convenient to put the crossbars on and off more than once.

    The crossbars are sturdy and can hold a lot of wight. They are also, IMHO, very elegant and make my CR-V look even sportier. Overall, very satisfied with them so far. Highly recommended.
  • Simone Oltolina - Loved 'Wolf Hall'? This is even better!I'll start by declaring that `Bring Up the Bodies' is even better than `Wolf Hall', the previous installment in Hilary Mantel's trilogy about the life of Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII's chief minister and Britain's own take on the Richelieu/Rasputin-type all-powerful counselor.

    Back in 2009, `Wolf Hall' won the Man Booker Prize, I feel the sequel deserves that honour even more.

    Thomas Cromwell's figure looms large over Britain's history yet not much is known of him. In the afterword Mantel laments how little time historians have devoted to Cromwell. The fictional account she's writing is not really meant to fill the gap (although it is quite obviously based on robust research efforts) but, rather, stimulate the debate surrounding this intriguing historical figure.

    Everything about `Bring up...' has the mark of great fiction: the writing is superb, the rhythm is perfectly paced and, above all, the characters, chiefly Thomas Cromwell's, are nuanced and 3D-like. Cromwell isn't either `good' or `bad', he's a man who has principles... but he's also driven by ambition. He cares for the good of the Nation... but he thinks of his house first. He loves his King... but he's also trying to extract favours from him.

    Indeed, the complex situation in which Cromwell swims certainly requires some "flexibility", morally and whatnot. Henry VIII is getting tired of Anne Boleyn, especially since she seems unable to deliver a heir. He thus sets his eyes on Jane Seymour, developing an attraction that will end up in marriage (Henry's third). On one hand Cromwell must indulge his master's wishes, clearing the path for Seymour, while on the other he must keep track of all the political implications (not to say personal) that this course of action will bring. Henry parted ways with Rome to marry Anne, now he's backtracking. How do you manage this without giving Henry the impression that he made a mistake in the first place (thus risking losing his favours?).

    This is the backbone of `Bring Up..."s plot, a novel ripe with blackmailing, ambassadors and noblemen with their own agenda, summary executions and long-sought vengeances.

    The reason why this second installment is better than the first has nothing to do with either being written better than the other. It's just that this specific timeframe of Cromwell's life has much more action going on. At times one had a feeling that `Wolf Hall' was mostly about brilliant dialogues. While `Bring up...' isn't a testosterone-filled thriller, it does bring more action on board and with just this little improvement it becomes an ever superior masterwork than its predecessor already was.

    Highly recommended!