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  • Jennifer Miller "Kaydence" - Very interestingAfter reading through Queen Bees and Wannabes and then having it in my high school classrooms, I had to take a look at Masterminds and Wingmen. My child is not nearly to this point yet, but it is interesting to see how some of my students fit within the categories that Wiseman lays out. I like the advice that she gives in dealing with teenagers in our current world. The online, video game obsessed world that we are currently in is not something that most of the parents of my students understand. Everyone escapes in one way or another, and I think that there are a lot of suggestions within this book that show those escaping techniques that adults may find being lazy or destructive. Overall, I enjoy the layout of the book, find it to be a simple read that allows people to think instead of telling exactly what to do, and also see that my students find it to be a good read as well. This isn't just for parents. The teens that are currently living their lives enjoy the psychological reflections of coping strategies within this book as well.
  • K's Daughter "LCA" - BUY IT!THe most important think first after the 14 day cleanse I lost almost a full inch on my "natural waist"(around the navel) and a whooping 1.5 inches of what I will call my tummy (the lower part which exercise doesnt seem to affect).

    I used the acai cleanse along with the fat burner cleanse for two weeks. The cleanse is really a gentle cleanse I was plesantly surprised by that. Yes I did get slight cramps but with a colon cleanse that should be expected HOWEVER not every time I "went" I got cramps.

    The caffiene wasnt too strong to keep me up at night but I did get a bit a of an energy boost.


    *I wont suggest doing heavy exercise while on the cleanse expecially outdoors like the gym because it may "activate"the pills.
    *Take the pills as soon as you get home once you don't have plans to go out.That way you may go earlier in the morning B4 you have to get ready work.

    Yea the sounds coming from the toilet may be a lil embarssing sometimes but those lost inches with no crunches for me was worth it!
  • Donald Keylon "Captain" - Ann Coulter :))She might be the worlds smartest blond. The points that she makes are so honest and genuine. I was appalled that someone had the balls to actually put it into print without the fear of destroying their career for the EXACT reasons she writes about. Go Ann GO!!! My only caveat is that she did a little too much analogizing for stating the truth.