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  • blinkey5 "Heather" - Excellently writtenThe writing of this story was done very well. It flows with ease. It also goes into detail about what she went through in those 9 months, the details of what it was like, the few times she was almost discovered, and how she was finally brought home. Many will also be relieved to know at no point does she go into detail about the sexual abuse and rape. There's even one point where I wished she'd give a little more detail, because she basically just says it's something she never dreamed someone could do but stops there. If you've wondered what it was like for her and how she dealt with things after you won't be disappointed!!
  • Ferdinand Algonquin - Something to digestIf you have UC,Chrohns,Ceiliac Disease,IBS and other intestinal disorders this is your best chance of getting well.The theory is well presented at the start and makes a lot more sense than heavy drugs and surgery.There is an amount of discipline involved (it ain't easy) but neither is planning your day around looking for toilets. It does make sense that you need to starve the problem-causing bacteria
    and then re-populate the gut with friendly bacteria. I found this basic idea simple to understand and (with a little bit of willpower)now have my problem in remission. Specialist amazed, life back in my control and....phew! I'm glad I read the book!!