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  • cathy's pick - The Window of the Lord's Return 2012-2020Wow! What a thought prevoking read! "The Window of the Lord's Return 2012-2020" is a very interesting as well as needed look at the timing of the rapture of the church, as well as the end times. It explaines all of the evidence by biblical verse and scripture reference. I have always been a pre-trib girl, believing what I was told about scripture. But I decided to think for myself and look up all the evidence, scripture by scripture! Guess what? The evidence speaks for itself! A must read for any bible believing christian or prophecy buff!
  • Dan Woods ( - SCD works, even after multiple surgeriesI've been on the SCD diet since June/97 and it does work. I've had 40 inches of small bowel removed after two surgeries, and SCD works.Elaine does a good job of explaining the principles of the diet and is a must read for any IBD sufferers (Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS). Regardless what the so-called medical specialists say, diet change does matter. Within two days of starting the diet, all my heartburn problems have disappeared ever since.I started the SCD diet because I was having a flare-up (lost weight, frequency, ...) and my specialist wanted me to nose-tube feed myself at night. I chose the diet instead and have been feeling good without regrets, and I am sure the SCD prevented the need for a 3rd surgery.Check out the SCD website at which provides a lot of support and testimonials. Also, you'll find information on joining the Long-Island internet support mailing list for SCD.Get the book. Live the diet. Enjoy your life again. Feel free to contact me... Dan.