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  • Jack L Holt - Roku3 - Best Quality Internet TV media streamerI am well pleased with my Roku 3 for less than $100. Streamer has 90 day warranty, I bought 2yr warranty from which
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    few bucks a month. Roku has the most extensive menus of any streamer. I've used "NetGear-Neo-TV" and the "D-Link" streamers.The NetGear is problematic and the D-Link works perfect but the menu choices are very limited. I matched up my DSL Modem with the "Trendnet" TPL-306E2K AV adapters and the system works perfect in all bedrooms ( The modem is in the Front Den)The connection is dependable and solid. I dumped "Direct-TV" costing me $70 a month. I'm done with satellite TV. I do not use Hulu-Plus because they do the same thing satellites do - 5 minutes of show and 10 minutes of commercials. All my services are commercial free for less than $15 a month. The only thing I miss is the "Weather Channel" but I have all the local stations on an external antenna I put up. I would highly recommend the Roku-3 but not any of the other roku's because they are all "WiFi" and not hard wired through a LAN cable. - Have Fun!
  • MarkE - Love It!Simply put I have had other tablets and this is by far the best. It has a clean look, durable, fast, and love the docking station. Simply put I love it!
  • At Home in the Bluegrass - Happy soda jerkAsk friends who already have a Soda Stream there opinion. They said they were very happy, so I took a chance and I am glad I did. It arrived sooner than the scheduled date. I purchased four flavors, root beer, diet cola, lemon/lime and pink grapefruit. Happy with the taste of all flavors. It takes only seconds to make the soda and you get great conbonation. You need to find the right temperature to chill the water. At the right temperature it corbonaters quickly and holds the carbonation longer. I would definitely recommend the Soda Stream in fact a young friend purchased one to take with him to put in his college dorm.