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  • Jennifer - Great SizeHaving fought the urge to get an ipad for years due to it's price tag, I am thrilled at the mini's price. I love the smaller size verses the bigger ipads. I use this for college and play. It goes everywhere with me. The only drawback I have with the mini is it is limited in it's storage at 16 GB.
  • angel - a pill wonderThis pill is good, it makes you feel full for along hours. It really works and no side effect. I will buy more as soon as finish this
  • McShorty - Great Biography!Brian Jay Jones did an excellent job describing the life of Jim Henson! It's clear that he thoroughly researched his subject. I've always been an avid fan of Jim Henson and the Muppets. I was born in the late 50's so I was surprised at how early Jane and Jim Henson started work on the world famous Muppets. I've never been one to mourn a celebrity's death but Jim Henson was a great loss. I recommend this book to anyone who has a connection with Jim Henson's wish for a better world.....a more compassionate, caring and humorous world.
  • Enzo M. - Great show...I've always enjoyed Sade's music, live (once), on CD, DVD and now Blu-Ray. Bring me home is the second best of the bunch right behind actually being at the concert. Well, wait, there's no traffic in or out at home, I can freely use the bathroom when I need to, food and drinks are free (sorta) and my system brings me pretty damn close to actually being there (in feeling anyway). So, I don't know, the blu-ray could actually tie for first, even with traffic and all there's nothing quite like being at the show. Anyway, Sade have turned up the wick just enough to make this particular concert even more fun than the last few. The backdrops, images and that extra little bit of energy in the songs really come across plus the show feels somewhat more intimate compared to either of the previous two tours. These songs refuse to age as obviously does Sade herself, they sound as good as ever and she seems to become more beautiful as time passes. Minor criticisms (and, who am I?) is that I wish the guys would really let loose on some of the songs, like they'd really let rip with a slashing solo on guitar, sax or the drums. I don't mean that rehearsed jam they usually do at the end of smooth operator (not in this show) but actual improvisational riffing and jamming. They obviously have the chops so let em go! Other than that this is a very enjoyable blu-ray concert, one that I don't believe you even have to be a Sade super fan to enjoy. Although I have a surround sound system I've only listened to the PCM stereo track and it sounds very good, I played it pretty loud and you could still hear each instrument doing it's individual thing while coming together as a whole. The video can look a little grainy at times, especially for a blu ray but there are a lot of background lighting effects and such that could be adding to that perception. I give the audio (PCM stereo) 4.5 stars outta 5 and the video 4 out of 5 due to that occasional graininess. I give the Blu-ray 5 stars overall because it's just plain fun music to listen and jam along to.
  • Amy Tanathorn "Follow me on Pinterest, too!" - Excellent Quality Umbrella Stroller Length:: 7:00 Mins

    This is a simple umbrella stroller, but made with quality materials. I like the thoughtful extra features on the Swift that make using it a pleasure and comfortable for your child. See my video review for all the details about this great little stroller.