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  • M. Caplan - Bound to the BinderI don't know what I ever did before I was bound to this binder. I tried binding my feet to make myself more marketable. I even tried binding myself with a bustle and corset. But both of those solutions proved difficult as a means to keep myself in the public eye because I kept passing out and falling down. This binder has solved everything! Now I don't have to move at all! I can stay in one place and just be observed. Plus because of its streamlined profile it helps me stay fit and in shape like Snooki!
  • btight57 - This product worksThis product works as it is indicated for with regular water intake, food modification and supplement consumption. Only use under the supervision of a medical professional; as results will vary with the individual. Tried another product previously and didn't obtain the results looking for. This one is definitely one of the better ones out there. Thanks Amazon for a great product and prompt fast delivery.
  • Great Faulkner's Ghost - Very Helpful for SATThis book is definitely worth reading and studying. Princeton Review challenges College Board's party line that there are only minimal benefits (in the range of 50 points improvement for CR and for Math) from pre-test prepping and coaching for the SAT, and that there is no "trick" to doing well on the SAT because it is essentially an aptitude test that measures verbal and mathematical skills acquired over a long period of time. While not denying the benefit of basic skills acquired through conscientious schoolwork over time, Princeton Review maintains that is not the only way to improve your score, possibly dramatically. By studying patterns in the ETS answer choices and question sequences, Princeton Review has come up with what it calls the Joe Blog approach, which is a very clever strategy for making educated guesses when you are not 100% sure of an answer to a multiple-choice question. At its core, Joe Blog says that on easier questions (the earlier questions in a section), go for the obvious answer that Joe Blog (a hypothetical Joe-Average) would guess; on the harder ones (the later questions in a section), avoid the "obvious answers, because they are "tricks" to fool Joe Blog, who will jump on superficially correct, but profoundly wrong answers. Beyond the Joe Blog approach, the Princeton Review writers do provide excellent practice exercises on basic reading and mathematical content. They seem to have studied the content of the test better than most authors. If there is one flaw, it is that the explanations to the practice questions don't always explain the correct answer very well. However, along with the "official" books and online study resources put out by the College Board, using this book from Princeton Review will help you do the best you can -- -- which what test taking process is and should be all about.
  • Cynthia - The pages fly by!In the past couple of years, I have read very few books that I could not put down. This was one. The plot is a combination of Blade Runner, Hunger Games, Metropolis and even THX 1138. If you are a true sci-fi, dystopian fan, all of these titles will mean something to you. I can only hope for a movie, but seriously read the book. Howey is a better writer than many who have been around for decades!