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  • John Sydenham - I would like to see more high lights throughout the year of other fights..I love it because it was well-done, great camera coverage, fair Refereeing, well organized and great action, the real thing, pleasant and exciting to watch..
    The UFC has evolved from almost total domination by the grappling arts to higher level of mixed martial arts styles.. The fighter today must be very well rounded in all aspects of the Mixed Martial Arts world to even be ranked.. No more hours of boring rolling around on the floor in the Octagon..! Thank God..!
    It seems all of the top ranked fighters these days are accomplished in TaeKwon Do, and/or other striking arts, along with all the very necessary skills in the grappling arts.. My point is the narrators have not kept up with the correct terminology.. Example; in the fight between GSP and Carlos Condit 2012, to someone trained in aspects of striking arts, kicks in general, the differences between the two combatants were painfully obvious.. GPS used TaeKwon Do stile techniques while Carlos used the more restricted and less powerful kicks usually associated with the Japanese stiles.. The narrators of that fight, were clueless to the differences..? They were clueless to the proper terminology, they missed the beautiful double kick GPS used.? They also seemed to be clueless as to how the kicks were being used and to what targets..? UFC needs to up-date their narration/narrators, so they are more and more unfamiliar with the evaluation of the Mixed Martial Arts we are seeing more of today..
  • Jay - Simply the bestAs of this moment, I would have to agree with the hype that this tablet is simply the best! Since others have written such lengthy and comprehensive reviews, I will keep this one short. Things I like most about the tablet:

    * Awesome processing/graphics speeds.

    * Very slim (the sliest tablet to date I believe) and light weight, yet quite sturdy!

    * The optional keyboard has a 6 hour battery in it, and when the tablet is connected to the keyboard, the tablet actually re-
    charges from that battery! Very cool!

    Every memeber of the IT team I work on agree this thing is amazing!
  • MikeF - Fantastic!I used this product for a while and it seemed to work well. I then tried a few other "alcohol free" store brand products to try and save money. While I was busy trying other brands I noticed that those disgusting tonsil stones (white balls in the back of your throat) started coming back. Within a few days of switching back to this product, the tonsil stones were gone and have stayed away. I would not hesitate one bit in recommending this product.