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  • S. A. ROBBINS "shirley_rw" - An improved Roku.We have an earlier Roku but wanted the additional channels only available with later models and this model provides that. It also provides full HD 1080p. Overall works great but actually prefer the earlier remote that had the ok in the middle of the arrow buttons. I even downloaded an app for my Android tablet that allows me to control the Roku 3 from my tablet but more importantly I can send photos to the HDTV. I can easily create a slideshow of our grandkids and show the photos on our HDTV that is connected to the Roku and do this wirelessly by streaming from the tablet to the Roku. However, the Roku 3 now lacks the audio/video outputs as it only has an HDMI output. I used to feed a separate stereo with the audio output but can't do that any longer. Other than that, this is an improved Roku and glad I bought it.
  • Connie Hockema - Good resource for traveling to less developed areasI am a registered nurse. All that training can't be put to good use unless resources are available. This manual takes another approach to being prepared for medical interventions that might be needed in more remote/less developed environments.
    Very useful!
  • Portlandsk8er "Portlandsk8er" - Excellent organization and prepworkThis book gets you down to the nitty gritty. It doesn't waste any time on long paragraphs full of miscellaneous information. It says it like it is, and how it will be presented to you on testing day. The constant problems throughout and the MCAT-style questions at the ends of the chapters enforce the ideas and necessary concepts perfectly. Thank you!