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Country: Europe, NL, Netherlands

City: Amsterdam, North Holland

  • Kathy - I have loved it for 8 years!!I have used this conditioner for over 8 years. It changed my life. I have tried the low poo but find that just the one-condition is perfect and all I need.
    I have not used shampoo for over 6 years!
    I have a little longer than shoulder length hair when it's dry. I use 3 pumps of conditioner like I was shampooing, rinse, 3 pumps for what would be conditioning, rinse and then 2 pumps before getting out of the shower that I leave in. During the conditioning I run my fingers through my hair to get out all of the tangles. I never use a comb or a brush on my hair.
    When I get out of the shower I don't touch my hair with a towel. I use a cotton tshirt when I get out of the shower and wrap up my hair in it. I can leave it for a short time or 10-15 minutes and when I take the towel off it's still perfect.
    I use the devacurl hair dryer with the "hand" defuser on occassion when I need to have my hair dry faster and it works great.
    Try it you will absolutely love it.
  • Jennifer D Thomas - Refreshing ;)So a friend recommended this product to me. It was not available in my local drug store, but no need to worry because Amazon has everything.

    I have never used a intimate "refresh" product like this before. The gel applicators were easy to use and the instructions were clear. Each applicator came individually wrapped.

    After using the product, I did feel refreshed and clean. I am happy with the outcome. I would order it again.
  • Kenn Caesius - The poor person's encyclopediaAnd that is not a pejorative - considering the ratio of knowledge to cost, the latest edition of the World Almanac continues in the tradition of being the best reference book available to everyone - providing concise information to the most significant subjects as culled from government sources, major newspapers, science, and industry.

    If you are any type of person to enjoy trivia or simply be able to reference any of your statements (or check someone else's), you ought to get this book.
  • T. Dottie - Excellent book of historical materialWhat a great read. I was raised in a fundamental, Christian background and was a devoted church member until about 40. The past 30 years I have been much more open to other ideas and found this book to be extremely interesting historical material. So many things made sense. I wish EVERYONE would read this book with an open and inquiring mind. (If your mind is already made up, why read anything?)