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  • Bobby D. - Mostly Irresistible!This is a book that is charming, inventive and offers a tip of the hat to those who enjoy movies, movie stars, and Italy. It is a multi-character story that takes place over 50 years and opens as an Italian innkeeper who runs a backwater hotel on the forgotten village along the Cinque Terre coast. (The hotel has a great name, The Hotel Adequate View.) The innkeeper is working on repairing his non-repairable beach when he looks up and sees a beautiful American woman walking towards him from out of the sea. We soon learn she is on a secret trip attempting to get away from the film she is working on in Rome, which is Cleopatra staring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. This is really all you need to know as I prefer you discover all the various plot twists for yourself.

    Walter is a master at time travel as the book has many flashbacks and tangents and different character perspectives that all come together largely by the most unlikely of coincidences. Normally I would just give up on a book that relies so much on coincidence to make the story work. But here they are part of the entertainment so you do indeed fall under there spell. You know something is going to happen and some surprise awaits you within almost every chapter and you just smile, laugh and enjoy. This is really the most entertaining novel I have read in some time. Why? Well it is so well written and fun that it is mostly irresistible.
  • Jeffery MAynard - Little girl loves it.My 3 year old got this for Christmas and she loves it. I wish I could get a tablet this rugged and reliable for the cost of this "toy." It does everything an adult device does, granted just not as pretty a display. But drop your Android tablet off the kitchen table and see what happens!
  • Alberto F. Oliva - Best heating pad I have hadIt heats up really fast, very comfortable and very soothing. The plush has a great feel to it all around. I really recommend it to anyone that is looking for a good heating pad. I spent lots of money on those 10, 12 , 15 dollar ones only to trashing them after a few times of use.
    Go for it, spend a few bucks extra on this one and you will never look back.
  • Scott C. Sikes - 4 TB's of Yummy-nessI needed a single drive to back up my Windows Home Server (WHS) data to. I recently went over the 2tb theoretical threshold. So, this is exactly what I've been looking for. I've already backed everything up and so far, so good. This comes with a USB 3.0 which I am not yet taking advantage of. Of course, this is not a speed demon which Is not the prime factor for buying this specific drive.

    If you need cheap space for data backup, this is the Cat's Meow.
  • M. A. Scott "Rock and Classical music fan" - One the best concept albums ever producedThis album should really top the album DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, as far as sales go, but it definitely tops that one musically, at least to me. This is Roger Waters masterpiece, and really shows his complete genius as a lyricist. These songs were the soundtrack of the end of my Junior High and beginning of my High schools years. This is either 1st or 2nd as far as concept albums go, and one of the best rock albums ever made. I'll have to cut this review short for now, but I will return to give a longer review.