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  • David Wolstenholm - Great storyThis book is put together very well with plenty of research done behind it. The way the stories are written draws the reader in. The book is quiet lengthy but it's good read for a rainy day or take your time reading a chapter or two a day. If you love mystery or history books then this is the book for you.
  • Deborah H. Bryant "dhb" - Indispensable, 1000% ROI. Get it.An unbelievable value in terms of the hassle and frustration this little baby prevents. When my old one died, I lasted exactly 3 days before buying this replacement. Brother has this category locked. The thing always works, despite humidity, freezing temperatures, dust and dog hair, repeatedly being dropped, lack of electricity. (I took mine camping.) Labels are fantastic for phone chargers, power adapters that all look the same (but aren't), labeling all kinds of stuff in a multi-kid or multi-pet household, pithy instructions on rarely used equipment, distinguishing remote controls, organizing cords of all kinds and clarifying computer inputs, buttons and switches for elderly folks overwhelmed by too many options. Spare keys, frozen food, pill boxes, temporary dog tags when traveling, stuff being sent to your kids' will not believe how many uses you find for this labeler beyond the obvious manila folders and hanging files. (By the way, if you use hanging file folders, place the tape as it emerges, sticky part NOT exposed, directly into the plastic sleeve. No need to fuss with computer-printed labels or struggle to read your handwriting later.) LOVE IT. Note if you need long-term labels for stuff stored outdoors you should get a different Brother labeler that makes laminated labels.
  • Landrover - I carried this book every day while in ParisI used this book every day during my trip to Paris in June 2013. The book is full of excellent information, guides, and suggestions. I discovered that I don't like to visit more than two sites per day which made the Paris Pass not such a great bargain for me. I like to ride in the upper deck of the double-decker tour buses. The suggested one hour evening taxi ride was one of the best choices I made after a wonderful walk to the Eiffel Tower. The cab ride also provided an excellent opportunity to speak french. I also bought the digital version of Lonely Planets Paris guide and didn't use it that much. When travelling or standing in line, I preferred reviewing my Paris 2013 paperback. I should have bought this book one (or six) months before my trip. I walked or took the Metro everywhere I went. I did NOT rent a car. I am 54 and like to walk. I carried a North Face backpack for my small digital camera, Paris 2013 book, journal, water bottle, and tourist map. I was so much better prepared with Rick Steves' Paris 2013 guidebook.