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  • Jackson Hong - This product is wonderful, why are there so many negative reviews?I have no idea why there are so many negative comments on this product. This is the 4th or 5th one that I have bought either in retail stores or online. It is wonderful for me because I could just put my phone, either with or without a shell, on to the green sticky pad and it will hold the phone there while I am driving.

    Unlike some reviews mentioned below, it is pretty sticky and does not fall off easily, if at all. I have used this product for over 3 years and it never fell off once for me. The only downside is that after about a year, you will want to get a new one. Even though you could just wash it with water to extend its life but when you get close to the 12 months mark, the sticky pad becomes dirty and leaves sticky stuff on your phone if you are not careful. I would recommend changing it once every 10 months or so.

    I chose to use this product because I could fit ANY phone there. I have had other dashboard GPS holder before but they were very limiting in terms of what phone I could put there.
  • Amy Deseno "amyd1184" - Perfect gift for avid readers, or those who can't find the time to readI recieved the Kindle for my birthday and it is definitely one of the best gifts I ever recieved. I am a highschool chemistry teacher & a coach so I find that I have zero time to sit and read. This has solved that problem! Whether I am in line at a store or waiting for a doctors appointment, I have my kindle in my purse so I can read anywhere! Its worth the price if you love to read because the books are at a discounted price. Some books are cheaper than others but none-the-less they are still cheaper than if you bought it at a bookstore. Yes, the buttons are a little sensitive but its something that you get used to. It comes with a cover so its protected while its in my purse (thank goodness!), but the kindle seems to be indestructable (knock-on-wood). I would recomed it for avid readers or those, like myself, who love to read but cant find the time.
  • noelsell - Don't like it, but love itMy overall reaction to this book is that it's both fascinating and appalling. In some ways it's sexist, but much of what seems sexist is actually true (wives generally do want their husbands to be strong, confident, a little bit Alpha - even if they won't admit it). Some of the advice goes against my religious beliefs, but a lot of it lines up with those beliefs - so I can go with the latter and ignore the former. It's written primarily for husbands who want to have more and better sex with their wives, but almost any husband can benefit from the author's advice. As a wife, I learned a lot about men and relationships from this book, and found some fun information to share with my husband. If you want to have more and better sex in your marriage, buy this book, read it, and follow the advice that works for you.