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  • S. Archer - Valid code, cheaper price.There seems to be some confusion about what this is, and what it isn't. It is an access code. It gave me access to both my online finite/statistics class, as well as online access to the textbook. This is a ONE-TIME use code. If you buy a used one-time use code it will not work. The product Amazon sent me worked fine and gave me full access.

    One thing to note is to buy this code before the start of most college classes. The cost a few weeks ago on Amazon was about $110, it is now $70, on the Mymathlab site it is $75 currently.
  • BookMan - Spray on some holiday cheer and have a religious experience at the same time!Are you tired of dealing with peaceful students? Concerned that they may offend your Fascist sensitivities? Not to worry! Just a few quick squirts into the faces of benign young scholars will do the trick! Defense Technology 56895 MK-9 Stream is guaranteed to rid most areas of just about anything that gets your panties in a knot!

    MK-9 is not only a great pesticide but is quite versatile: in fact, the renowned UC Campus Police Lt. John Pike has perfected its use as a tool for creating performance art - just in time for the Thanksgiving Holidays! A few simple squirts will fill the air with a festive fall orangey color and smells great (although it's a bit more reminiscent of those HOT summer days than the waning days of autumn).

    If you're not into pesticides or holiday décor, Lt. John Pike has also offered his contributions to the culinary arts, here's the recipe for his savory "pepper spray delight":

    1. Acquire a sufficient number of students
    2. Bundle them together (arm linking is very effective)
    3. Turn up the heat
    4. Spray on liberal amounts of MK-9

    Isn't that simple? No cooking required so this recipe can be used almost anywhere!

    Not surprisingly, MK-9 has many medical uses: although we wouldn't recommended it (and the UC Davis Campus Police haven't yet conducted clinical trials - at least none that have yet been published), it is suspected that this product would offer the ultimate in colon cleansing! (Wouldn't be great if Fox News Anchor, Megan Kelly, volunteered for product testing as part of a reality show?) Defense Technology's research division has, however, demonstrated that their product is highly efficacious as an eye wash. Indeed, pepper spray is even capable of providing a religious experience. Just think, you can experience something right out of Bible and can even relive Apostle Paul's defining moment in history by experiencing temporary blindness. The anecdote, however, is simple - merely enroll at the University of California campus near you (warning, tuition is subject to change at any moment) and recite their motto - "Fiat Lux" (Let there be light)! It's probable that your eyesight will eventually be restored. Note: results will vary.
  • Parasprite - Love the calendar!About what you would expect from a calendar. I am not used to 16 month calendars (in fact this is the first calendar I ever bought!) but the first four months are kinda useless. It displays well starting in January but I can't wait that long. The pictures are colored well and I would certainly buy a 2013 calendar if they make it. Made my desk about 20% cooler.
  • W. Jankowski "Purple Martin Advocate" - This is the Best Wine for the MoneyIf you go into an Olive Garden Restaurant, and order a red dry wine, this is the top of the heap! It is flavorful, correctly acid and has a wonderful finish.

    After a visit to an Olive Garden near Hilton Head South Carolina, I was in love with this wine. The Olive Garden claims that this wine is their wine and fermented exclusively for them. Well I did the legwork and found the wine for much less of a price then offered at Olive Garden.

    My find is your benefit... try it once and you'll see what I mean.

    Want to talk about this wine... email me at

  • karen caldwell - The raw dealThis book is a street wise down to earth piece of work every young girl must read.
    There are nuggets in there for those mature ladies who are getting back into the dating arena.
    This book made me laugh and provoked serious thoughts as I begin my second journey in life.
    It met my expectation as it sheded light on the game of dating and how to do it successfully.