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  • Hurthsette Williams "book aficionado" - A cleansed body makes for a happy bodyI use the garden of life raw cleanse every three months as suggested, and I must say it makes me fell a whole lot better. If you follow the directions and drink a lot of water, you'll be fine. Some people say they have a lot of stomach discomfort. Guys that's because step number 3 -toxin capture and removal- EXPANDS! Pour some juice in a cup with the powder and you'll see what I mean. If you don't have enough water in your intestine, that stuff is gonna get stuck. So do yourself a favor and drink a lot of water so you can get this stuff moving through you system. If you complete the cleanse, and do it on a regular basis, I think you will feel better too.
  • B. Golden "87chevy" - Great educational tool and fun!Since my daughter got this tablet she had not put it down! She uses it atleast once a day and loves it. She's 5 and has already added new vocabulary to her cannon and is craving more. She's also dropped it a couple of times on our tile floor and no damage as of yet (we do have a gel cover on it). Battery life lasts about two weeks from what I've seen which is pretty good.
  • Some Reveiwer Guy "D.C." - Very informative- but one suggestionThere are several great travel book series. One mistake I made, which I would encourage you to avoid, is to purchase all of your books from the same series if you're visiting multiple countries. I bought books on Spain, Portugal, and France from three different publishers and it makes it very hard to navigate between them because they each arrange the content in a unique way. Go with one publisher. Once you figure out the format of the first book, you will know where to find the info you want in the next one.
  • 43rpetty - Excellent storage for the price and Name Brand SeagateSeagate has always been a very dependable product and I needed something to store my music and pictures on as a backup. It has not only done that, but it is still working without any issues. I love the data rate using my 3.0 USB port and it is very quiet and doesn't get too hot when left running.
    I WILL purchase Seagate in the future!!!