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  • Penny Mcclain "bookworm" - Hot alpha maleI definitely do not want to give any spoiler alerts. So here it goes, Gabe is best friends with Mia's brother Jace. Gabe has been in love with Mia since probably forever. He just couldn't admit it to himself or to anybody else for that matter. Jace raised Mia after their parents were tragically killed. Jace, Gabe and Ash are business partners and best friends. They are partners in the luxury hotel industry.
    Mia shows up at grand opening for the newest hotel to surprise her brother. Except he and Ash was busy with a female. Have noticed Mia immediately and asks her to dance. Things lead from there. He offers her a job as his P.A. in more ways than one. He is about total domination and she signs a contract that he basically owns her. To do with what he pleases, but she does question his motivation towards her.
    This is a great book I think it is better than 50 Shades. I love Maya Banks books. I can not wait for the next two books.
    There are no cons that I could find for this book.
  • Joseph - Great for the whole family.Device arrived as described and in a very quick fashion. Would recommend for anyone looking for a tablet without needed to rely on wifi hotspots.
  • Music2love - A "must read" for any serious followerAs a product of a Catholic college, a fellow historian, and a Natural Scientist, I found the authors have done justice to this topic in the style in which it is written, the accurate foot noting and the logical conclusions based upon empirical evidence. No stone was left unturned, including the maps/cartography used at that time. It was a delight to read. Any serious person will enjoy reading this book. It was my "spring board" to read the other books in this series: Killing Kennedy, and Killing Lincoln both of which are equally well written.
  • LeAnne - If I Could Give More Stars, I Would!Excellent book written by an excellent, articulate author. This woman clearly knows her facts and all of the emotions and challenges that domestic violence victims have to endure. Anyone who says different is bitter about what is currently playing out in the media, and their insincere review should be disregarded.
  • Neal C. Reynolds - A clever and whimsical taleFlora is very much a comic book afficianado and this book is cleverly illustrated with a number of comic book type pages. The story itself is delightful fun with a squirrel sucked up by a super powered vacuum with the Ulysses brand name...the sucked up squirrel is rescued by the girl Flora and is given the name Ulysses. Well, the squirrel did pick up some awesome powers including typing out poems he creates, and hilarious fun is had by all including young readers and probably many of their parents.