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  • Pen Name - Perfect for BindersThanks to this pen, I've entered into a whole new realm of femininity that I never thought it was possible for me to attain as a lifelong tomboy. My mother will be so proud/relieved to see my newfound homemaking skills all courtesy of this pen. Perhaps now I won't be doomed to die alone and be partially eaten by my army of cats...but atlas, it is only a pen not a miracle worker. :/

    P.S. I'm totally going to be prepared now when Mitt Romney needs more binders full of women. Perhaps BIC can form a partnership with a binder company in anticipation. I'll await that announcement with baited breath...and a fresh pen. ;)
  • Babygirl87 - A Great Product!I was rather pleased with the item which I purchased which was the Medical School Requirements Review Book for 2008-2009. The book arrived early and was brand new as stated. I did not have any complications and have nothing but good feelings about my purchase. I will definantly be a continuous customer.
  • D. Bennett - Better than I expectedI had Quicken 2009 and resisted updating to 2012 until they cut off my bank updates on 30 April.

    All previous updates were a major pain because they always changed the look and feel of my register and it would take days of tinkering just to get back to where I was before I got the update.

    I just downloaded from Amazon (it was cheaper than the offer from Quicken by about $10) and was pleasantly surprised that that my register and all other settings are about identical to what I had previously. Also, when it makes a backup now it is just one file rather than multiple files.
  • Chris Dino - Question AuthorityThe history lesson in the beginning drags on a little long but that isn't my thing so much as modern tales of police abuse of authority, which this book is packed full of. Police reform is a huge issue, one that I feel very strongly about, one that no politician will ever tackle; as such it's up to the common man to shift the public consciousness in that direction. You can do your part by reading this book and spreading awareness. Let's never let another trigger happy cop kill another family dog again!
  • Terry Sunday - Slow Cooking the America's Test Kitchen WayHome cooks who read "Cook's Illustrated" magazine or watch the PBS series "America's Test Kitchen" already know what to expect of a book created by the staff of that august Boston-based culinary institution. Some might consider ATK's approach to cooking to be a tad anal-retentive. True, the ATK chefs tend to bludgeon their recipes into submission, testing scores of variations until they come up with the best, most flavorful ingredients and preparation techniques. But I like the approach a lot, and my wife and I really enjoy all of the ATK books we have in our 400-volume-plus cookbook library.

    "The Slow Cooker Revolution Volume 2: The Easy-Prep Edition" is typical ATK fare. The 200-or-so recipes in this sturdy, slick, colorful paperback volume embody ATK's intense approach to everyday cooking, in this case using the appliance that probably most homes in America have on the kitchen counter or in the closet--a slow cooker. The "experimental" chefs at ATK have spared no efforts to create slow-cooker recipes with maximum depths and intensities of flavors. If you think food prepared in a slow cooker can't be very tasty, or if you think a slow cooker is something to use only in an emergency, the recipes in this book will prove you wrong.

    The layout, design and content of "The Slow Cooker Revolution Volume 2: The Easy-Prep Edition" are outstanding. The book starts with a seven-page introduction entitled "Slow Cooker 101," which covers the basics of how to use the appliance. Then come the recipes, conveniently organized in the following sections: Easy Appetizers; Shortcut Soups; Hearty Stews, Curries and Chilis; Easy Chicken Dinners; Steaks, Chops, Ribs and More; Big Roasts and Whole Birds; Pasta and Pasta Sauces; Casseroles; Vegetarian Dinners; Cooking for Two; Easy Sides; and Desserts. As a bonus, most of the recipes feature an "On the Side" sidebar with instructions on how to prepare great matching side dishes. Brief shopping tips and preparation shortcuts appear throughout the book, as well as several "All About" sections that provide a page or two of additional details about selected topics (for example, "All About Chicken in the Slow Cooker"). These extras highlight ATK's science-based approach to food and cooking.

    Most of our cookbooks cover ethnic cuisines from around the world. The recipes we usually prepare require day-long cooking marathons in the kitchen and call for many ingredients, herbs, spices and cooking techniques. "The Slow Cooker Revolution Volume 2: The Easy-Prep Edition" is a bit of a departure. But we're sure to find its recipes useful for those times when we're too busy to spend hours in the kitchen concocting exotic foreign dishes. Its a valuable addition to our cookbook library, and I'm sure we'll get a lot of use out of it. I recommend it very highly to anyone who wants to brush the dust off of the old slow cooker and fire it up to prepare great dishes with minimal time and effort.