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  • Pro-Accountants - My Dear Friend QuickBooksQuickBooks is so user friendly and self explanatory that, I love this software. Anything I can think of in accounting is possible with QuickBooks. Be it running a report by class or jobs. The financial statements can be run on cash vs. accrual basis. The reports are so detailed that they self explain the financial position of my business. Classes, Inventory items, Jobs all these features are just wonderful.
  • Leonardo V. Lopez, MD - Abreva Spray pump dispenserI love Abreva, but am very disappointed with the small spray pump type of dispenser. There is no way to know when you are running low. Early this morning I needed to apply more to my cold sore and found out that it was empty. I had applied a dose last night and unknowingly used it all up. Until I am able to get to the drug store for another dispenser ( which will not be until later today), my healing is on hold. PLEASE bring back the squeeze tube!!!
  • NeurosurgRx - This book will make any clinician's life a whole lot easier!As a PharmD student I have been under profound pressure on rotations with sophisticated medication use and dosing questions - which is why I always make sure to have this in my white coat pocket. It beats references that are several times the size of it. The information encompassing over 1200 drugs is accurate, succinct, and practical - a profound rarity with many references. I like how it also has easy to read tables with emergency cardiac care medication guidelines, drug enzymes, topical steroid dosage forms, and much more. They have done a great job keeping each edition updated with the newest drugs and incorporating the latest research for older drugs. When I see someone spending several minutes flipping through a PDR to find simple dosing information I kindly suggest they get this book. Everyone I know who has it loves it!
  • OKPhins - Excellent!This Foundation is the best I have ever used. I have been a loyal user for about 2 years now. The first thing I love is that you get full coverage that looks like sheer coverage. I have no idea how it works so well, but I use very little and after I buff my face it just glows. I spend a great deal of time in the sun so I have freckles and spots and this product totally covers them all. On my under eye area I sometimes use the multi-tasking minerals but most of the time just the foundation is enough to cover it all. Don't forget to finish with the mineral veil and you will look great. Oh, and an added bonus - I am in my 30s and I still have trouble with breaking out (which is so unfair when you are also dealing with fine lines!). Once I started using the product almost all of my break-outs disappeared. I was using very expensive liquid foundation before, too so I had no idea that something as simple as a foundation would clear my skin as well.
  • Robert A. Rafanelli - Please put some thought into your reviewsIn almost every review that I have read about Gratiae serum products, everyone seems compelled to mention how much cheaper they are on Amazon. Please keep in mind that the vendors read these reviews also. If you persist in mentioning this, these products will no longer be affordable. I have seen this happen before. Please keep this in mind when posting your reviews.