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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • Pet Nemo - WOW WOW WEST!The last time I watched a Sade concert was in 1985, taped from a TV broadcast.

    With Bring Me Home, I was floored from beginning till the end. Sade has upped the ante and it shows. The stage set is simple and yet absolutely stunning. There are moments where the stage is covered with a translucent curtain affording a mysterious peek a boo game with the audience. In one number, a pillar rises from the stage with Sade on it. Breathtaking. Sade also dances in this show, a surprise for me, considering the laid back tempo of her music.

    Sade still wears her hair pulled back into a ponytail. She looks amazing, like she hasn't aged a bit.

    For the set, Sade performs 22 of their best known hits and some material from Soldier Of Love. From the 80s (Your Love Is King, The Sweetest Taboo) to 90s (Kiss Of Life, No Ordinary Love), 00s (By Your Side, King Of Sorrow) and post 00s (Soldier Of Love, Skin)

    Bring Me Home is an absolute scorcher and is everything a concert should be.
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