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  • Temporal Royalty - Removes Students from CrosswalksI have had issues with students being in the crosswalk when the light turns green. Honking the horn just doesn't seem to get the point across. Then I found Defense Technology's 56895 MK-9 Stream Pepper Spray. Now when they ignore the repeated blasts from horn, I can casually get out of the vehicle and stroll leisurely along spraying them in the face till they decide to get out of my way. The excuse that they are deaf and blind doesn't matter. I want them out of my way now, and Defense Technology 56895 MK-9 Stream is the key!
  • happy camper - It's a miracleFor the longest time I suffered with erectile dysfunction. I tried everything to help me break this horrible condition - pills, pumps, and pornography, to no avail. Then one day my life changed forever. I got tired of slicing my bananas like a caveman and decided that I needed something to help me. That's when I found the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer and oh boy am I glad that I did. I started using this dandy contraption and got a feeling I haven't had in a long time. I looked down in between bananas and lo and behold I had the hardest boner since I can remember. This thing had its own heart beat. I want to thank whoever invented this beautiful device. Not only did you save my sex life but now I have the perfect banana slices. Who could ask for anything more. It's like heaven on earth. I can't stop smiling.
  • Yakov Gorodnitsky "YG" - Not for beginners -- but a great set of workoutsI did this 4 years ago, borrowed it from a friend, swore that if I do it again, I'd buy my own. So I did. Worth the money.
    I am into my 8th week -- hate yoga, not flexible -- working on it :)
    This works you -- pullups, pushups -- it's hard. Plyometrics (jump training) -- I got into distance running since doing this 4 years ago, and doing the leg routines worked me harder than training for a half marathon, so it's intense, we'll see how I do on my next run in April, I might repeat some of the routine when prepping for the race -- it's a great way to stay shape.
    Update 6/18
    Just looked at my review -- I finished the routine as I was supposed in 90 days. You should see my abs :) -- kidding, but yea it rips you up.
    After taking a break I'm back to doing 120+ miles per month of running. This is great for the winter, but with nicer weather, I guess running is more my thing.
    Also about a week after doing the routine a started trying to max out my push-ups -- after a few days I got to 160 straight -- crazy, before doing P90x -- 60 was my max. So the results are fantastic.
  • E. Joseph - Great for planning out your holiday gatherings!I don't buy a lot of cookbooks these days, as the internet is full of great sites for awesome recipe ideas. That being said, this is a wonderful cookbook that is worth putting on your shelf. The book is divided into section by holiday, beginning with New Year's Day. Each holiday has a selection of snacks, desserts and main dishes to choose from. In the back of the book you can also search by food type, e.g dessert, main dish, etc. What a great idea, to have a cookbook arranged by holiday! You can flip through and get inspiration and plan ahead...for instance, She has a lot of cute ideas for Valentine's Day, which I can make a note of early and prepare for, rather than wait until February for Betty Crocker/allrecipes to make suggestions.

    Every page has pretty color photos. I love how Pioneer Woman snaps pics of the food as she prepares it. Some people probably don't need that or care for it, but I find it very helpful and it really gives me an idea as to what is involved in making something. I have not made any of the recipes in this book yet, but I plan to for Christmas. I have never been disappointed with any of the online recipes of hers that I have made.
  • Jennifer Mezey - Great ProductI have had this for several years and love it. This is a great product if you drink more than maybe 1-2 liters of soda (or sparkling water) per week.

    1. It is very easy to use anywhere and uses no electricity.

    2. It allows you to control how fizzy your soda is.

    3. You can use tap water or start out with filtered water, which gives you a better tasting and healthier soda.

    4. SodaStream bottles keep your soda fizzy way longer than the bottles you buy at the store.

    5. No lugging bottles of soda from the store, finding a place for them in your house, and dealing with recycling.

    6. Despite what some older reviews say, it is now easy to find places to exchange the co2 canister. I do it at my local hardware store. But they last a long time, so you don't have to get a new one very often. They cost around $15 to exchange.

    7. GREAT for the environment. Re-use one SodaStream bottle literally hundreds of times instead of hundreds of bottles from the store.

    8. Save money. Yes it is more expensive than it should be (isn't eveything!), but this machine pays for iteslf in about a year (depending on how much soda you drink) and then saves you a ton. It saves even more even faster if you are using it to replace more expensive drinks like Perrier and Red Bull.

    If you are considering this product, you probably should buy it. Also a good gift.