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  • Pete "Pete" - Great Camera - Excellent Focus and FeaturesI kept my Canon SX 50 for a quick comparison before returning the Canon in favor of the Fuji. I was fully impressed by the Fuji right out-of-the-box. The camera is very substantial with great ergonomic design and features. The manual zoom is quick and precise And most importantly the autofocus is also immediate and precise. The focus area is clearly defined and outlined in the view screen And a gentle half press quickly brings the screen into sharp focus with an audible beep for confirmation. I was able to capture shot after shot with perfect point and shoot ease before even starting to explore the many more advanced features.
    Notable features so far:
    Great design ergonomics. Easy to grip, point, zoom and shoot with confidence of getting an in focus shot.
    Focus mode switch on left body of camera with 3 distinct settings; Manual, Continuos and Single auto focus.
    Q button to access internal menu items
    Popup flash button with Force Flash feature
    Evf/LCD button with a evf auto feature that switches off the view screen if/when you raise it to your eye
    Macro setting that actually let's you turn on Macro or super macro in addition to the camera making the automatic scene selection in EXR mode.
    Panorama mode where you can select the degree of coverage 120, 180, 360
    On Off switch with 2 minute time out feature- I can let the camera go to sleep and pick it up with all zoom and other setting in place and resume shooting with a press on the shutter button.
    I have enjoyed photography for many years and have accumulated several cameras going back to my Canon 35mm SLR, going digital with the Sony DSC-F828, Canon power shot, Sony cyber shot 16.2, Panasonic DMC-TS4 waterproof and my Nikon D90 with 18-105 and 70-300 lens. (Yes, my wife thinks I'm obsessed and I guess she has a point) but I'm always looking for that perfect camera for the situation and I think the Fujifilm HS50erx fills that "Bridge Camera" bill.
    It zooms further and closer than the Nikon, has a great many DSLR features and quality and is more portable. I am very pleased with HS50 and Amazon sales and customer service is the Best in the Business!
  • Ryan - Do your fact findingI'll tell you what you want to know. First, don't expect results right away. Try using for a full month and then make your judgments. I can definately see results after a month and had others comment as well. Please understand that it is not for a receding hair line, only for balding on top. They say use twice a day, but I only use once a day at night before I go to bed. A family friend with a heart problem was told by their doctor not to use it, so if you have a heart problem, you might want to look into it. Overall, I'm very pleased.
  • by RosieMarie - Great DealA free trial of McAfee was installed on my laptop when I purchased it and it did such a great job protecting my computer I wanted to continue the services. On my old computer I only used free security programs that I downloaded online for protection and my computer was still infected with viruses and ran slower and slower each day. I never have to worry about viruses with McAfee because it simply won't let me access those website (unless I agree to continue on after a warning.) For all the money we spend on our electronic devices, this program is most definately worth the money just for the peace of mind alone!
  • kristy156 - My mom loves this sewing machineMy mom loves sewing and has made a career out of it. She had been using machines that were out dated and took too long to do anything with, so for her birthday I thought it was time she got an upgrade. This sewing machine offers easy features that allow for faster stitching and memorized needle speeds, a digital led screen for easy navigation, 50 built in stitches and an incredible warranty. There is however an even better one out there. It is the Singer Futura computerized sewing and embroidery machine. It's a definite upgrade to any machine.It offers over 125 built in embroidery designs, 30 built in stitches, you can create your own designs from your computer and then automatically upload them to your sewing machine and so much more. It is worth the price for sure. If you love sewing and embroidering, this is the machine for you hands down.