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  • K. Parola - LOVE LOVE LOVE THISA co-worker recommended this to me and I can't begin to say how grateful I am for that. I know people who paid 3-4 times as much for similar devices. The price I paid for this was unbelievable. I love the options and ease of use. Besides the visual maps & voice commands I love that it makes a tone sound right before I need to make a turn. It has live traffic reports and gives you alternative routes. It also quickly compensates & re-routes you when you make a wrong turn etc. I love that it gives you an "ETA" for your destination which is incredibly accurate. Map upgrades are free for life. I registered this product so when I turn my computer on it automatically checks for upgrades to the software as well as the maps. Downloading upgrades, so far, hasn't taken anywhere as much time as the estimate they initially advise you of.

    I highly recommend this product!!!
  • Genevieve "I'm an a I'd knitter and I love li... - Great productBeautiful colors and much easier to use the separate magnet rather than the drug store bottles with the magnet in the handle. Love the 3 options, especially the star.
  • Jose Gerardo Benitez - Best Case for a Macbook Pro 13I was looking for a good price on Macbook Pro 13 case, i was afraid at the beginning because there's only a few pictures, but I absolutely love it.

    In some cases it's even better than the ones that you find in stores with prices around 50 bucks.

    For the people that is complaining about not being able to take it off, just use a credit card and pass it through the frame the case it's gonna pop out immediately no big deal, at first if you try to take it off with you hands you feel like if you were going to tear apart the machine.

    Very happy with this case.
  • Matthew M. Howell - Eminently readable, rather informativeI cannot vouch for the historical accuracy. No doubt some liberties have been taken - it's rather in the nature of historical fiction that some will be. That said, this book is eminently readable, and illuminates a historical period and its personages and critical issues nicely. There are few ways you could better spend a few hours - or dollars.