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  • Fruityspirit "Filled & Blessed Richly" - Life changing, helped me weathered through a major trialSome friends gave me this book after my husband announced that he was leaving our 17+ year marriage. It changed my life. I had been walking with the Lord for 12+ years but this book totally changed my perspective about my beliefs; my value as a person, mother, and wife; and my priorities. I credit this book as the "one" that pulled everything together from my previous bible studies and devotions, and gave me a sense of confidence and strong suit of armor to walk through the hell of divorce. I recommend this to ANYONE, married, single, old, or young. I did a study with this book with my two teen daughters and they are developing into very solidly grounded young ladies despite the divorce. Thank you Nancy for changing my life.
  • Frank de Cespedes - Must have book.Very good book to have just in case your out and have no access to a Doctor could save your life or some one else.
  • Charlotte - Excellent ProductThe MyMathLab is part of my required materials for my college algebra course and it makes learning math easy (well as easy as college algebra can be :) ) It comes with a range of learning tools, such as an online textbook, a calculator manual, LOTS of example problems for you to try and explanations, too! I'd recommend it for anyone who struggles with math but benefits from doing online practice!
  • KJ Kumar "KJ Kumar" - Cracking the SATI have only praises to the publisher who compiled this guide to SAT for students.
    The result was marvelous.
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