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  • CWeed - Great, Fast, Reliable and Amazing Cust ServiceI have done a lot of research before purchasing one of these monitors. I ultimately went with the WiFi Baby 2.0 cam. Right out of the box, and I'm okay with computers and networking but far from an expert, I was able to get everything up and running for in home connection. The only issues I had was connecting outside my network. I emailed Gary at wifi baby and in the same day was responded to and called. We screen shared and he then walked me through how to correctly set outside network connection. Took less than 10 minutes and everything was done. I then called my mother in a different state and was able to walk her through the process of connecting through the internet and she was able to connect with no problem. I highly recommend this product for the ease of use and the AMAZING customer service I received from this company and from reading other reviews I am definitely not the only person to get this customer service. Gary thank you so much and I will absolutely tell anyone looking for a baby monitor system to look into this product and buy it.
  • NPcharmer - The Bible for my med school classesReceived item in new condition at a fraction of retail price. This 2012 is an upgrade from previous versions with colored illustrations presented within the text pages. This book is the main reference for my medical school program. Most of my classmates passing their Step 1 focused their study on this reference book and the First Aid Qbook.
  • M. Higgins - 5 Stars for SignificanceI am a huge Dave Eggers fan - AHWOSG and What is the What are two of my all-time favorite reads. Admittedly, I was less impressed with "You Shall Know our Velocity."

    While I did not find Eggers writing in Zeitoun quite as masterful as AHWOSG and What is the What, there is no question Zeitoun is as heartbreaking as both and matches "What is the What" in terms of its significance to our understanding of an enormous human rights tragedy. The book is incredibly riveting, particularly once the real human atrocity is revealed. Couldn't put the book down from that point until the end.

    In short, this is an important book that SHOULD be read. It is an unforgettable work of justice -- blending great journalism with historical non-fiction to expose a human rights failure in hopes that a similar tragedy might not again be repeated.

    The Zeitouns deserve this book, as do countless others who've suffered and/or continue to suffer similar atrocities. I applaud Dave Eggers and others who contribute to this much needed genre - Zeitoun, What is the What, The Help, Three Cups of Tea, The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Diary of Anne Frank, etc. These books shock and dishearten in a way that appeals to our shared human empathy. In so doing, they erode those elements (ignorance, stereotypes, bureaucratic systems, etc.) that enable these atrocities. I hope Zeitoun is widely read and widely reflected upon. It's a book that offers countless examples of how single acts of kindness and decency possess the power to overcome the most complex system failures.

    Loved it!