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SP Services Australia for Emergency Medical Supplies, First Aid Kits, Wound Dressings - SP Services Australia based near Brisbane are one of the largest suppliers of Emergency Medical Equipment, Trauma Dressings, Plasters, Bandages, Sterile Eye Wash, Medical Bags, Stretchers, First Aid Kits


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  • Connie - What am I missing?I just returned from my Mothers and used this skillet for eggs every morning. The eggs did not stick. I have several high - end egg pans at home and none of them cook as well as this did. In checking reviews to see whether the pan was ceramic, stainless, nontoxic, etc. before ordering one and was surprised at the bad reviews. Is the company quality control not good? We did not cook bacon, sausage, etc. in the pan so did not notice stains either. For omelets, I cooked the eggs slowly and they flipped easily. I am still waiting to see if the pan's construction is as advertised....
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