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  • Gerry - Fabulous device for saving the earth. Yeah TreesWe all need to find a way to help save this planet, I believe this product has accomplished just that. The Kindle is user friendly, easy to read and explore. The battery lasts for days. Audio books are chrystal clear. It's really a great product and I thank you Amazon.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

    Gail M
  • Norelle Hunt - Eye opening and practicalThis book made a huge difference for my husband who was suffering from a bad case of ulcerative colitis. Her approach is so sensible and based in science, it's a mind bender why doctors are not utilizing her knowledge. Within a few days of following the diet suggested, my husband had a great improvement in his symptoms. I'm recommending this book to all my friends who have "stomach problems" and those who have lactose intolerance.
  • bluesbearsf - My current favorite travel guidesIt’s official – After decades of using Lonely Planet, I’m now a Rick Steves fan. I used the former for a western Europe art run this spring and found myself uninterested in most of the commentary, so tried Steves’ guides for an Italy run this fall and was quite pleased. Much more my kind of info / traveling style.
  • Paige - I want a Binder full of RepublicansI like these Binders, they look so attractive and I would like one that will hold lots of pictures of Romney and Ryan. I want one that is non-toxic so that when I burn it after Romney and Ryan lose the election that I will not further poison the earth and the United States with Romney/Ryan Rhetoric.
  • kwanzach - state of the art!!!If you hate navigating automated phone services as much as I do then this is the phone for you! As soon as I place a call the screen instantly goes black so I don't have to try to work through a series of numerical prompts. I can just sit back and scream obscenities until an operator picks up and connects me with whomever I need to speak. Brilliant!

    But what if the automated service doesn't respond to my voice, you ask? Not to worry! Once the call is connected it's impossible to hang up, and thanks to the Lumia 920's superb microphone, which picks up enough background noise to keep most automated services engaged, I'll be on the line until the SIM card is forcibly removed or the battery dies. And speaking of battery life... wow! If I get tired of yelling I can just put the phone down and let the automated service cycle through all its available prompts until its only remaining option is to connect me with an operator. I can go about my day while the phone does all the work of getting through for me. Talk about convenience!

    I know, you're probably thinking this sounds too good to be true. I originally thought the same thing, so I stopped by my local AT&T store to make sure I wasn't paying loads extra for a feature I had unknowingly signed up for. Not at all! In fact, I was kindly assured there was nothing that anyone could do to change it.

    If you're in the market for a truly smart phone, this one leads the pack by a healthy margin.