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  • Katherine Jones - Won't want to put it downIn her book Still Missing, newcomer author Chevy Stevens uses a technique I've seen few novelists pull off - second-person point of view. She writes to you. The you is not you, the reader, however; it's the psychologist to whom the protagonist tells her tale. Does it work? I'll get to that.

    Annie O'Sullivan is an Open House, hoping to make a sale when a white van pulls into the driveway. She thinks her luck is about to change when instead, it's her life that changes - hideously, forever. Abducted and imprisoned for a year at a remote mountain cabin, she endures unthinkable acts at the hands of a man she calls The Freak. Not until after her escape, however, does she grasp the whole horror of what she's been through - for though she's managed to break free from The Freak, she cannot so easily untangle herself from her own memories. The story that unfolds, as Annie shares her living nightmare with her shrink, is of her struggle to piece her life together as the investigation continues its attempt to identify her captor.

    Still Missing is one of those rare debut novels that knocks you off your feet. What drives the story - what makes it both chilling and universally fascinating - is Annie's quest to find hope, healing and wholeness following a devastating trauma. A lesser protagonist would crumble, but Annie O'Sullivan manages...somehow... to hang on. Stevens uses shocking language to tell Annie tale, but - and I don't say this lightly - it's not gratuitous. Stevens' trick of using Annie's shrink sessions to tell much of the story is also masterfully done - so yes, the risky POV works. My only complaint (spoiler alert) is when Annie has sex with the lead investigator on her case. The act is supposed to show progress in Annie's character development, proof that she can be intimate with a man again. But no - this is too cheap and easy. It also completely (and unsatisfactorily) deflates the element of romantic suspense that Stevens, until this point, nurtures exquisitely.

    Nonetheless, if you have the stomach for it, Still Missing is an edgy, spell-binding tale you won't want to put down.
  • Holly Mann - The best moisturizer I've ever used... and I have crazy skinMy skin has been really dry all my life and I've tried all kinds of moisturizers from things like Cetaphil from the drug store to $100 creams from make up counters and nothing truly worked. Recently at 32, I started breaking out even though my skin is dry. I've never had breakouts before, even as a teenager. I had always heard of Hope In a Jar and decided to give it a try and it is AMAZING! It's not too heavy and not too light and my zits are clearing up rapidly since I started using this product, Plus, the small lines I'm getting around my mouth and eyes look almost non-existent now. I'm not one to post reviews but this product is so awesome I had to. If you have really dry sensitive skin or dry skin that still breaks out, this will hopefully work wonders for you as it has me!
  • electronic skeptic - So far really good!I have had the Kindle for a month now, and I really like it. I subscribed to the New York Times right away, and it is fantastic to have it delivered to me every day. In fact, it is cheaper than the paper version, and you get everything but the ads. Fantastic!
    I get good signal for the Whispernet most everywhere in San Diego - the true test will be my out of town trip next month. The browsing feature on the Kindle Store works fine. It is a bit slow sometimes on the page refresh, but you do get where you want to go. The best part about the shopping is the ability to download samples of the books you are interested in.
    I have not tried sending any content to the Kindle via the kindle email address; neither have I tried searching the web or any of the experimental features. If I wanted to surf the web, I would turn on my laptop.
    I personally love the Kindle.